Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Don't Forget to Add This to Your Holiday List

by Susan

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and oh... I'm really hoping so here.  You see, it's about 1:00am and after working 12 hour days, no weekends off... I'm scrambling here to put together a post.  Ugh! Let's face it, I'm beat.  When my family sees this post they will pretty much just laugh it off and be like...'YOU'RE (???) telling people how important it is to practice self-care?' ... and then the laughter would come.  BaaHAAhaabahaha....... humbug.  :(

So, with that little introduction said, I'm going to practice a little self-care and get some sweet sleep.

Here's wishing everyone a most beautiful, healthy and happy holiday! Cheers to all of you! 

Nighty night.

Happy Holidays! ~ xo's


AFishGirl said...

I read a comment on an IG shot today that said balance was an illusion. It felt like a huge millstone lifted off me. I've been jousting at windmills. No more feeling like a failure for not being able to be all things to all people at all times. I love this post and this picture. Self-care. I know. My heels are like parched little segments of the desert, at it's driest. Thank you. You are not alone.

Kim Stevens said...

Sleep is vital to everyday function - but taking time for yourself is vital for living. I really do hope you can schedule some in just for you. XO

Dotti said...

Your creativity never ceases to amaze me, Susan! Funny how the ten of us so often think alike. I almost wrote a post about self-care on Monday but couldn't quite flesh it out. Now, I hope you'll take your own well-timed advice, put Sweet Gumball on the back burner for a few of the days during the holidays and give yourself the present of 'being present' and savoring each sweet moment. xo

Cathy said...

I use to think that so much of this self care "stuff" was just an excuse to not take care of business. Boy was I so wrong. This is such a great post and a wonderful reminder to all of us.

kelly said...

i so. totally. get this susan. man i have got to learn to let stuff go. thank you for the reminder. xoxo

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