Friday, December 5, 2014

Lighted Compositions

By Cathy 

i gaze in awe at the flow of the seasons
the miracle of new paintings at my feet and overhead
new compositions outside my window

i wonder how many go through their day
without a thought to light
and the magic she holds;
how often it seems to land
just where a bit of luminence is needed
to complete the story

mindful awareness,
the deep understanding that nature
in all her simple beauty
is so worthy of our attention,
demands our diligence
and practice

and if we are loyal to the light
she will surprise us when we least expect it
and take our breath away.

Inside and out I hope your world is full of light! 



Jeanne said...

All such beautiful captures. Isn't nature amazing, and the lighting does make all of the difference. It is shocking the difference in a scene if you just wait for t he light!

Dotti said...

Ahhh, yes. Light. The essential ingredient. For photography. For life. Where would we be without it? Even in the string of grey, rainy days here in KY, there has at least been light, grey though it might be. I feel like I'm in Seattle with you, Cathy! A wonderful post and the words and photos work together perfectly.

Deanna said...

Such a beautifully written post, and those images WOW, you are a truly talented lady. I love your style!! And yes, light is the key to life

AFishGirl said...

Such amazing beauty.

gina said...

The power of light! I especially appreciate it this time of year when the days are short. Beautiful images!

Susan W said...

Stunning work.

terriporter said...

Such beautiful images. That spiderweb blows me away! I love how everyone is taking the "season of light" theme and running with it. So many different interpretations but I think we all agree on the importance of light, not only in photography but in our well-being, and I'm sure it is even more prized when you live in a place where it is at a premium at certain times of the year. We have an overabundance of it and sometimes pray for clouds to dim it down a bit so it doesn't wash out colors and cause harsh shadows. You have found some beautiful examples of the beauty of light and your words are the perfect accompaniment.

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