Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It's not that easy

by Kim

. . . being green. 
- Kermit


My inspiration for today . . . Sesame Street, and my dear friend Kermit the frog.

Kermit says it's not that easy being green. That it's not easy having to spend everyday the color of the leaves. He thinks it would be nicer being red, or yellow or gold, or something much more colorful like that.

He feels like it's not easy being green because you blend in with so many other ordinary things and that people pass you by when you don't stand out like sparkly diamonds dancing on water.

But he doesn't know how cool he is . . . being green and all.

Because green IS the color of Spring, and hope and of things to come.

And one of my very favorite things about spring is the new green growth, the renewal, and re-birth of all things that have laid dormant over the winter months.

Green is the color of balance and harmony, and is all about vitality and restoration of our senses.

There is something very tender and spiritual for me about spending time in nature, where there is truth to be found, a vulnerability to be experienced.

Living in and among nature is what gives me the strength to cope with the adversities of this life and it's what has gotten me through some really difficult times. And there are so many lessons about life to observe and learn when we take the time. Nature has so much to teach us, but we must be willing to look beneath the surface. To pay attention, to engage.

"Love Abounds in All things Green"

What I want Kermit to know, is that green is anything but ordinary. It's the color of cucumbers, apples and broccoli. The color of leaping lizards and lily pads, and of the beautiful monarch chrysalis. The color of ferns and evergreen trees, of cactus, parrots, and praying mantis.

Green is the color of sustainability and of our future. It is the color of nurturing and of life. It's the color of chlorophyll, the pigment rich in enzymes and antioxidants and critical in photosynthesis. Green IS energy.

Green is the foundation of the forest, and it IS the color of nature. All we need to do is open our front door.

Green IS, extraordinary!

"Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves
of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something
infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature - the assurance
that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter."

-  Rachel Carson

Wishing you all a green kind of day,
Love, Kim


Dotti said...

You've written some very green truths here, Kim, with extraordinary photos to illustrate your post. I tend to take the color green for granted ... until it's covered up with snow, or the drought turns everything brown, or I visit the desert, or ... well, you get the drift. I've always lived in places where there is lots of grass, lots of trees, lots of plants and flowers and so it's easy to dismiss it. But photography has made me so much more aware of this green beauty which surrounds me. And, of course, the modern context of green: conservation. That's a biggie in our family. Your communion with nature has also opened my heart and eyes to new shades of green. Shades of grey? Heck, no! For us it's shades of green.

Lisa Comperry said...

I love the spring..If I didn't have my daily nature fixes, I would be looney tunes, lol..Beautiful photos, I love Mr (or Mrs) frog hugging the leaf :-)

carolina rico said...

Wow Kim these are some pretty amazing pictures! You made me feel lucky to live in this never ending green....!!!

Patricia Turner said...

Beautiful post Carol and I concur. We are a culture that is suffering from NDD. I even see neighbors of mine who live amongst this beautiful landscape failing to take the time to even look at it...way too busy. It is a condition of the heart as much as one of the mind I think.

leigh said...

My favorite color! Thank you for these beautiful snippets of green!

Anonymous said...

Such an inspirational post! Green happens to be my favorite color for these very reasons! Your photos are awesome and inspires me to go find some green under all the ice! I know its there….just have to go find it! Thanks for sharing!

June Caedmon said...

The rhythm of my heart runs along the lines of your thoughts, Kim. So thankful for your words today.

Linda R said...

Such a fabulous post. and your photos are amazing. And Green is one of my favorite colors.


AFishGirl said...

Kermit is the best. I have that book. It is good to see green, as the white just keeps on falling here...

kelly said...

I totally agree kim...nature is the greatest teacher and healer. this green is such a sight for sore eyes. sooo looking forward to spring growth!

Cathy said...

Green is the best and your focus is amazing.

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