Thursday, April 9, 2015

They're More Than Just Pretty

by Judy

"I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers." 
-Claude Monet-

I think it's safe to say that most of us love flowers.  We love receiving them, giving them, growing them, picking them, and of course, photographing them.  But did you know that they're not just pretty to have around, they're actually good for our mental health? 

Research shows that flowers not only bring happy emotions to those who receive them, but being around flowers actually heighten feelings of life satisfaction! Wow, not bad, huh?

Patients staying in hospital rooms with flowers actually need less post-op pain medication, have lower blood pressure, and are less anxious and tired.  

We're happier diners when our table has a centerpiece of flowers.

And, did you know that cognitive performance is better in offices where there are plants and flowers? Neither did I, but I plan on adding a few more plants and flowers to my own office ASAP.  I can use all the help I can get! And on that same note - there's research that shows that seeing green leafy plants can actually help us to be more creative!

Flowers with bold, saturated colors energize us, while less saturated colors of flowers relax us, and the curvier the flower shape, the more relaxing it is to look at!

Now I know that probably none of us actually needed an excuse to buy some flowers, or pick a bouquet from our gardens, but with all these positive flower facts, how can we not surround ourselves with flowers now? We can always blame it on the research! 

Our flickr stream is filling up with such beautiful flowers!  What a great way to spend April, as many of us are weary from the long, snowy winter.  Send us your favorite flower photos, and then sit back, relax, and enjoy scrolling through all of the beauty! 


Dotti said...

Well. I do love flowers and now that I know the health {and mental health} benefits, I'm going to be even more diligent about keeping more flowers in more places in my home. And thankfully, I'm beginning to see flowers outside when I look through the windows of my home. Now that does make me perk up!

terriporter said...

I love having fresh flowers in my house and flowers in my yard. I knew they made me happy but really didn't know the reason why other than enjoying their loveliness and loving to photograph them. Well, now I have an excuse to keep them around for the health reasons rather than just as photography subjects! Thanks, Judy!

Nicki said...

Lovely - perhaps I need to go back to getting a bouquet from the grocer each Friday - now I can say it is to cheer everyone up. :)

Robyn Goddard said...

Add me to the "I love flowers" list! I have several house plants that I enjoy too. Which reminds me I better water them!

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't love flowers! I believe that flowers of every species produce a natural anti-depressant! In the winter time, I find myself going to the closest place that sells flowers! Once I get them home the clouds lift and I find myself smiling more! Beautiful tulips, thanks for sharing!

kelly said...

well not that i needed any more reason to love flowers...but this post just made my day. i have often been on the receiving end of their uplifting quality. :)

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