Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Welcome to the Club

by Kelly

Who do you think you are? With your amateur equipment and your pictures of coffee cups and garden flowers?  Really? You call yourself a photographer?  Don't make me laugh....

I used to think these kinds of comments were just my overly-active, imaginary inner critic.  But apparently I was wrong.  Because it was to these real critics that David duChemin addressed in his recent blog post, On Real Photographers.

Now admittedly, David was referring more to "professional" photographers - those that are, in his words, "gluttons enough for punishment that we want to do this for a living".  But I still very much appreciated his attitude of inclusion and abundance.  In fact, if I might extend his metaphor...it sort of felt like the coolest boy in school invited this new kid to come sit at the table with him and his friends at lunch.

I'm wondering if you can relate?

And if you can, today I would like to extend an invitation to you to come sit at our table.  At Focusing on Life, we are a community of women photographers.  We are a family of light seekers and storytellers.  Magic finders and moment capturers.  Truth sayers and joy documenters.

To be part of our community, you don't need a pedigree or series of letters after your name.  You don't have to show us a W-2 or spend your days as a starving artist.  You don't need a portfolio or thousands of Instagram followers.  (Although if any of those describe you, you are more than welcome to join us as well!)

No, all you need to be part of our community is an open heart and a desire to learn and grow as a photographer.

So my friends, whether you're new to photography or new to Focusing on Life, welcome to the club...we are so happy to have you!  Won't you please come sit down?  Here is a bit about us....we would love for you tell us a little bit about yourself too.  And if you've been with us for a while, we still love hearing from you.  Tell us what you've been up to?

Personally, I still have so much to learn.  But the one thing I do know is that this journey is so much more gratifying with friends.  Thank you for letting me share it with you.

Love, Kelly


Barb Brookbank said...

Hello Kelly. Well, I for one adore your photography, and your own personal style. I know your work as soon as I see it. Love Focusing on Life too! Thanks for the encouragement today.

Dotti said...

Bravo, Kelly! We all learn from one another regardless of where we are in our photography journey. Y'all come. Join us! The more the merrier! :-D

terriporter said...

Such a wonderful invitation, Kelly! Yes, we are all on our own journey of photography but we are all in it together. Thanks for reminding us all of that!

CarolHart said...

Please accept this comment as my RSVP to your invitation. I accept! I love your photography. Your style is very personal and gentle. Like Barb, I recognize your image before I even see your name attached to it. I too have much to learn, not just about photography, but life in general! Cheers.

Deanna said...

Oh yes, I definitely will respond with a yes to your RSVP....we all have things to learn as Carol said, not just about photography but about life!!

Peggy said...

Your blog is encouragement to me as an amature photographer. It's great to see how other women approach their subjects and the techniques that they you. Even though I am slow at developing my style I enjoy seeing how others create. And the little quotes and essays that accompany the pictures give good advice. Thanks for blogging.

Renuko Style said...

So thoroughly enjoyed your encouragement today Kelly! I love the idea of encouraging all to creatively express themselves and have set my mind to do so. I also love the idea of a non-competitive creative environment to grow in. I respond with a wholehearted yes! to your invitation.

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