Thursday, May 14, 2015

Finding Beauty on Instagram

by Linda
@summermichellem  @junemakessix
@jessemixer @gingerfancy
You have probably seen the mosaics from Instagram posted here on this blog, every Sunday. They are originally posted on Instagram every Friday, highlighting the beauty in the Instagram gallery, and based on the monthly Focus.
@camillasphotos @swell_shell
@prariagirlstudio @vintageyellowrose
The Instagram Mosaics are so much fun to create but there are so many more beautiful pictures in the gallery that don't fit the theme but are still so very good.
@saurand @lash_larue
@mommadmalone @lyahle
You never know what you will see there, the people of Instagram live all over the country, all over the world, what a treat it is to see life through their lens!

@debram56 @augcott
@jennhaakenson @magnoliamags
Little square windows in someone's world, I look forward to what I will find when I browse Instagram.

@linda_lees @lostasock
Scrolling through the stream, every picture is a gift, I never know what will come next.
@anniestril  @cristinadallavalentina
@macgeeksummer @aubrielgault
Sometimes I wish I could just jump into the picture and look around.

It's easy to get lost in the pure beauty of the pictures in the gallery.
@lynn_palazzo @cheryl_McCain
There is simple beauty through the gallery.
Of course there is no shortage of stunning sunsets and sunrises and dramatic skies.
This is just the tip of the iceberg of what is in the gallery on Instagram. Take a minute and soak it in! You won't be disappointed!
If you are new to Instagram, you can browse the gallery by tapping on the little magnifying glass icon at the bottom and tap search at the top of the next screen, tap hashtags and type in focusingonlife.
If you are looking for some new people to follow, any or all of the featured artists would be a good place to start!
Of course we are all on Instagram, follow us too!
Focusing on Life- focusing_on_life
Judy - jls316
Kim - kimatpickingpoppies
Carol - carolanne22
Deanna - deanna1043
Dotti - dotshots
Kelly - kellyish
Leigh - loveleeokc
Terri - terriporter
Linda - lgotx
Who are you favorite people to follow on Instagram?
Leave your Instagram name in the comments so we can find you too!


Dotti said...

These are so fantastic, Linda! And it's so true, there is so much beauty there and it often is like a trip around the world. Both our IG gallery and Flickr gallery are filled with such amazing beauty it takes my breath away. We have fantastic photographers and 'life watchers' in our FOL family. Such a joy. Thank you for calling our attention to the artists in IG.

terriporter said...

I freely admit to being a bit of an Instagram junkie! As soon as the coffee is going in the morning, I'm scrolling through everything that has been posted to my feed since the night before. I love the connections I have made with people there as well as keeping up with people I know. And the talent! Oh, my gosh, it is pretty amazing! Just in our #focusingonlife tag alone there is so much inspiration to be found. Thank you to all who post there and I echo Linda's encouragement to give it a try if you aren't already on Instagram. We'd love to have you join our Instagram family!

Viv@Thoughts from the Desktop said...

Lovely, lovely everyone. I'm such an IG addict I check in at least twice a day. Thanks for picking my 'love' image. 🌷

Tiffany said...

Thank you for sharing my Rose Breasted Grosbeak and for welcoming me into your community! I love all of the beautiful photographs, as well as, all of the wonderful people who share their art on FOL. Thanks Ladies!

Tiffany...June Makes Six

Carol said...

fun fun fun. and loads of beauty!

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