Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday Focus on You

by Judy

Our month of searching for the alphabet has almost come to an end!  I do hope you continue to keep your eyes open for letters. You will find them in the most unexpected places!  

This week's 'Wednesday Focus on You' is a little different.  From now on, instead of doing our Saturday 'Focus on You' posts, where we choose a theme related photo to feature, starting today, the last Wednesday of each month, our Wednesday Focus on You will feature your photographs that are theme related. We thought it would be a fun way to wrap up our monthly theme by bringing together some of your theme related photos into one beautiful post.  

Like these two photos from Barbara Vautier, (Drolwa.)  

P is for Pepper.  Love the colors in this one.

And, Tibetan Letters.  These letters are gorgeous!  I'd love to know the story behind this.  

This adorable little bee was perfectly captured by Teragam.

Wearing Sunglasses, the Letter B.

What a good eye Pam Scott,( PJ Scott) had when she saw the Letter W in her sandals! 

Letter W.

These two photos from Life, Unscripted Photography really caught my eye.  I am drawn to doors, and she found a beauty!  Both the close up of the rusty letters, and the full photo showing the door are stunning.  

Fancy Rusty Letters.

Alphabet in Nature.

N is for North.  I loved the lines in this pretty black and white by Leanne Strilchuk, (Leanne S.)

Thank you all for playing along!  Stay tuned for next month's theme. 

Love, Judy


Carol said...

What a great group we have! So creative! And Judy, I love your xo at the end! On to next month with open eyes!

Anonymous said...

Awesome collection of themed photos! Can't wait to get out and start hunting these beauties down! Thanks for sharing!

Dotti said...

Wow! Some great letter-finders here! All very creative and well done.

terriporter said...

You found some beauties in the gallery, Judy! Thanks to everyone who played along and be sure to check our new monthly theme on Monday. You can find it under the Monthly Focus tab at the top of the blog. Hope to see everyone there!

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