Friday, September 4, 2015

In Love with Locks

by Deanna

Daylight is waning, leaves are beginning to turn to those glorious colors of Fall, flower pots are weary.  Yes, things are changing, but before we get too immersed in everything Fall, I still want to relive some of that glorious time I spent in Paris this past July.

One of the sites I was looking forward to seeing was the legendary Love Locks on the Pont des Arts bridge in the middle of Paris. But sadly, I was too late to see the entire bridge covered with these Love Locks that had been accumulating here since 2008.  I thought the tradition had been around for a much longer period of time, but in researching this ritual I found this has been a short-lived attraction. The practice began in Rome with the writing of a young adult book in 2006 entitled "I Want You" that was eventually made into a movie.

The ritual quickly spread to Paris  The tradition is that 2 lovers have their names placed on a lock, attach the lock to the bridge and then proceed to throw the key into the River Seine, sealing their love forever. Within a brief number of years 2008-2015 the Paris Love Locks became a structural hazard with 1 million padlocks weighing approximately 45 tons.  Removal of the locks from the Pont des Arts bridge began on June 1st, 2015 much to the dismay of all the "lovers" that had attached their locks to the bridge. According to our travel guide, the locks have not been destroyed, but had no information as to where they were stored.

If you are a lover of preserving the beauty of old architecture you will agree that placing locks as a "love pledge" on places of beauty is probably not the best choice. Eventho attaching a lock to the bridge is no longer possible, tourists still find ways to attach their love locks on spaces around the bridges of Paris.

The image above is of my daughter and her husband in front of what is left of the love locks in Paris. And if you look closely in the other image you can see the red/pink bridge in the background.....that is the Pont des Arts bridge that is now completely cleared of all locks.


Carol said...

Wow! i had heard they might remove them when I was there, but I thought it was a rumor -or at least that it would take more time. When I was there the bridge was covered! Interesting, and great shots - I love your choice of focus!

terriporter said...

I have always thought this was a beautiful tradition and never realized the weight of all these locks and how they would endanger the bridge! They do make for great photos! Especially love the close-up one with that great old lock! Thanks for sharing this story, Deanna!

Nicki said...

We are traveling to Paris next Spring and this was on our list of things to see - I was sorry to read it had to be taken down, but hopefully it will be relocated to a spot that can continue the (relatively new) tradition.

Lovely picture of your daughter and her husband.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no! This was on my bucket list to see on a future trip to Paris. Ive heard so much about it and one of my family members attached theirs during their honeymoon. Great photo...thanks for sharing!

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