Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Focus

by Leigh

Happy September to you!  Our focus for this month is diptychs. What are diptychs? Well…I'm so glad you asked! Diptychs are a powerful tool for storytelling in photography.  It's putting two images together to make one image. The photos can be similar in size, shape, color, form, etc… Or thy could be two opposites used to show a contrasting idea.  Or it could even be a single image divided into two frames.  Perhaps one shot is from far away matched with a closeup view.  Diptychs give us another way to express ourselves in photography.    

There are apps such as Pic Collage which make creating diptychs as easy as dropping in two images. Or you can use an action in Photoshop like this one from Coffee Shop Blog.  Have fun playing around with diptychs and be sure to add them to our flickr group!


Dotti said...

I love diptychs! This might be just the jumpstart my camera and I need to get moving again. And if you'll look at our banner at the top of the page, you'll see a lovely selection of diptychs up there for even more inspiration.

kelly said...

leigh I love the storytelling aspect of diptychs and this month is so magical...sounds like a perfect combination.

terriporter said...

Love diptychs too and I'm so glad you included some advice on what to use to create them. Perfect for sharing double the beauty of this month!

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