Friday, October 2, 2015

What Is a Birthday? A Story in Pictures and Words by Matilda Mae

by Deanna (aka Great-Grandma)

My name is Matilda Mae and today was a special day, at least I think it was special. My mom dressed me in a cute outfit, with purple princess shoes and a crown on my head which doesn’t happen every day. I don’t remember ever wearing a crown, and since I am only 1 year old you would think I would remember a crown on my head, after all.

My Mom puts bows on my head all the time.  I'm pretty sure it’s because I was born with very little hair, more like fuzz. My mom doesn't want anyone to mistake me for a dude, when it's perfectly obvious that I am a princess. Even though it’s been a whole year, my hair is still taking it’s good sweet time in growing and after all a girl’s hair is her crowning glory.  So instead of a crowning glory of hair, I must wear a crown or my one of the many bows that Mommy has crafted for me. 

A whole bunch of people came to our house all bringing gifts.  My Mommy’s Mom and Dad, my Daddy’s Mom and Dad (aka grandparents), my great grandmother, my two aunts, a bunch of Mommy & Daddy’s friends, it was so exciting.  I am still a little confused about who is who. They all kept wishing me a “happy birthday”. hugging and kissing me.  I am not quite sure what “happy birthday” means but I did like all of the attention.  An audience for my winning smile and 4 new teeth.  I even had a balloon tied to my little cart that I push around.  Of course I can walk, I just prefer to have something or someone (like my Mommy or Daddy’s fingers) to hold onto. 

My Daddy moved my new red chair with the new quilt that my very talented Mommy made for me into the living room and then the fun began.  I  removed all the bows and crowns for this part of the celebration, I needed to focus on what exactly was happening. 

Hmm, what could be inside these bags?

Mommy, I need help. Oh look, new books, new puzzles, new soft animals to cuddle, new toys to play with. Is this what “happy birthday” is all about?  I definitely like “happy birthday”  

Oh how fun, all these new toys, a Chicago Bears Football jersey and a tutu, both are very essential to my wardrobe since my Daddy is a football fan and my grandmother, Lollie teaches young ballerinas. 

My grandfather, Pops, loves to play with my new toys as much as I do and he has no hair just like me except for that scruffy stuff on his face. 

I had a terrific day and now that I know what birthdays are all about, I think I want one every month. Can I Mom?  After hours and hours of smiling, walking around in my new tutu and crown, opening all those presents I was really tired, after all a girl that wears a crown needs that snuggle from her new soft animal and a hug from her Mommy. 


Carol said...

Wonderful story, full of love and beauty, but I think the last picture of the mommy hug is just the best ever! What a lucky girl ( for many reasons) , but especially to have a gamma like you!

terriporter said...

Beautiful shots of the birthday girl! Love how you told the story from her point of view. A first birthday is so exciting and I'm glad you were able to capture all the precious moments. Those blue eyes and that smile! Just adorable!

Sandra said...

What enchanting shots from the little princess for a day! Those four little teeth are so cute too! Such an adorable age and walking as well!

heyjudephotography said...

Deanna, you capture her beauty so perfectly. Happy Birthday Matilda Mae!

Dotti said...

Love, love, LOVE this! As you know, I'm totally smitten with Matilda Mae and I've only met her in pictures. Are you sure she can't come to Phoenix with you?

Nicki said...

Happy Birthday to Ms. Matilda Mae - brings back memories. Such a sweetie.

Barbara said...

Matilda Mae! You know how much I love her name. I am so glad to hear that she had a happy first birthday! Her parents must be thrilled with these photos.

AFishGirl said...

Oh Deanna, you are a joy. Those shots are heart melting.

Kelly Kardos said...

These are absolutely adorable-great perspective coming from Matilda!

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