Thursday, November 19, 2015

Because They Get It

by Kelly

This time two weeks ago, I was in Phoenix.

As Terri described on Tuesday, we spent three days exploring all the wonder and magic of area.Having never been to the desert before, I was amazed at colors and textures...all so beautiful.  I like to say I fell in love with the desert on that trip.

Equally as wonderful though was getting to spend time with my friends. I spent the long weekend with four of my FOL sisters and also was thrilled to meet our mutual friend, Barbara Carroll, in person.

During our time together, there was obviously a lot of talk about our surroundings.  Throughout the weekend, Terri was a wonderful hostess and I learned so much about the desert landscape.  During our time with Barbara on Thursday, she introduced me o the native beauty of Barrio Historico and Mission San Xavier del Bak.

Some of my favorite times on the trip though, were when we were sitting together over a meal and talking.  Conversations about life and family.  Conversations about photography, art, and creativity.

I would just like to say for the record that I am blessed with a tremendously supportive family.  And although they may not share my enthusiasm for {P}hotography, they encourage me and even let me practice on them.  But entertaining a lengthy, esoteric conversation about whether or not it's appropriate to Photoshop out a distracting element in a photograph???  Yeah....not so much.

My photography family though...they get it.  They get the struggle with Art and Vision.  They get the challenge of trying to stay authentic and true to one's creative vision.  They get the frustration of social media and the comparison trap and how it can often lead to doubt and insecurity.

In this month traditionally set aside for gratitude, I am truly thankful for all of the FOL family. I am thankful to have a place where I feel accepted and appreciated for my own unique gifts and talents.  I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow as a Photographer in whatever direction that takes me.  And I am grateful to you for giving me a place to share it all.

Love, Kelly


Carol said...

Oh, here we go again. as I said of Tuesday, I love seeing everyone's impressions and pictures of all the fun we had together. I guess we are all unanimous in adoring each other -can you tell? It is just so much fun to be together! These are great photos, Kelly. I love the barrio and the final butterfly - perfect composition and color!

Dotti said...

It's simple: you either get it - or you don't. All the gals at FOL get it as do our readers. Your wonderful photos bring back a warm flood of memories and good feelings. And Carol is right, that butterfly is exquisite.

I just wish we could get together more often but we are really spread out across the country. That's what makes it so special when we can pull it off.

terriporter said...

I have so enjoyed seeing everyone's photos from our recent get together and, Kelly, your photos are beautiful examples of the places we went and the things we saw. But more than that, seeing them makes me see places that I shoot in all the time from your perspective. It's always fun to see the different ways that photographers shoot the same subject. And you are so right, the thing that always makes our get togethers so special is just being with our "tribe", the people who get it and who we can talk endless hours to about the thing we all love. This group is incredibly special to me and I loved being able to share my little spot on the map with all of you. So grateful to have been able to be together for the short time we were and will count the days until we can do it again.

Cathy H. said...

I know you girls had a lovely time together! I am grateful that I can read your blog each morning that's filled with lovely photos, encouragement and inspiration! Thank you to each of you!

Carol said...

Cathy H - that is just so nice - thank you! And you know we all read you too! Thank you!

Barbara said...

Oh, it was so wonderful to get to spend a day with you! I love being able to "talk shop". Grateful for this community of photographers who have found each other.

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