Monday, November 9, 2015

The Miracle of Our Hands

by Carol

It's gratitude month and I have so very much to be grateful for . How to narrow down to one little thing? And then I heard a speech by a pioneering transplant surgeon, Kodi Azari.  He performed the first hand transplant surgery ( on a veteran who had lost his hands in combat). When he spoke about how he became interested in the field, he reminded me of the miracles right on the end of my arms. Here is what he listed:

your hand is :

"an organ of grasp - obviously we can pick up and use tools.
 an organ of strength - a brick can be broken with your hand   .
 an organ of precision - it can play concert piano or violin.
 an organ of sight - close your eyes and feel something. You will recognize it.
 a sexual organ - capable of showing love and comfort.
 an organ of expression - the meaning of certain gestures is universal."
As an audiologist, I would add that the hands can speak - American sign language.
And as an artist, that the hands implement our creativity.

Of course, our bodies are miracles in every way, and we tend to take them for granted, unless they give us a problem. But I would make the case that we should be grateful for these miracles we have been given each and every day!

I LOVE hand pictures. Will you post some in our gallery or on IG today? We will give you a real "thumbs up!"


terriporter said...

Our hands and all the things we can do with them are definitely something to be grateful for. The shot with the bird is beautiful and the couple holding hands so touching (no pun intended!) Love seeing some of the images you took while you were here!

Cathy H. said...

We take too much for granted, don't we? Today I'm grateful that my hands can touch a few computer keys and join you here! Beautiful images!

Dotti said...

Yes. Hands are such a gift especially since they come with opposable thumbs that allow us to pick up and grasp things. Such handy tools we've been given. Yes, hands are beautiful for so many different reasons.

Anonymous said...

Such an interesting subject! Just a few weeks ago, my husbands 94 yr old grandmother was dying with all the family including myself at her bedside. As I sat beside her and carefully inspected her hands all worn wrinkled and arthritic, I thought to these hands have done a lot in 94 yrs! So as my thoughts lingered on about what all these hands have done and been through, I felt almost a desperate need to take a photo of them! Im glad that I did. With her last breath, she had laid her crippled hand on the pink cross I gave her for comfort. Thanks for sharing such an awesome post and the photos are gorgeous!

Roxi Hardegree said...

I love this post. I'm always trying to capture the hands of my elderly mother and father in law. I don't think he likes it tho. I have to be sneaky and take a photo of the cat in his lap. LOL

kelly said...

carol, hands are one of my very favorite things to shoot. they say so much about who we are and what we love. loved this post so much. xo

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