Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Toast

by Judy

To my loving family of FOL sisters, thank you for being an inspiration to me every day.  Your words and your images, your caring comments and funny thoughts, not only make this blog the special place that it is, but make for a wonderful little family.

To our FOL readers and followers, thank you for pushing us to try to create the best for all of you,
without you all, we wouldn't be here.  Knowing that we have connected with you, that we've struck a chord, so to speak, means the world to us here.  When you share your comments and your images with us it makes our hearts sing.  Thank you for all that you give us.

A toast to health, happiness, creativity, growth, sharing, and more caring than all of your hearts can handle!

Happy New Year friends!


terriporter said...

So perfectly said, Judy! Even brought a tear to my eye. We have all grown so close over the past several years and these friendships mean the world to me. Looking forward to 2016 with even more love and friendship!

Dotti said...

A beautiful post, Judy, and a stunning picture! And yes, I'm so happy to include all of the FOL family in our wishes for a new year filled with love and joy and getting to know one another better. Happy New Year!

Carol said...

Here's to you Judy, and all those you mention! I also got teary - such a real connection with all of you! A perfect toast and post for today! Thank you - and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Anonymous said...

That was a very kind post, Judy! Im sure when I say, that I look forward to reading, posting and playing along with the themes, that Im not alone! Although Im kinda off and on and sometimes miss a few posts, it gives me something to look forward to! Kinda like the anticipation of a long lost friend walking thru your door! I love every aspect of this group of women who not only inspire me, but gives me encouragement! Thanks for letting me be a part of a wonderful group of women who share so much with all of us!

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