Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Colors of the Season

by Kelly

Please, do not ask me how it is possible that today is December 1st.  I have no idea.

In my neck of the woods though, it still looks like Autumn.  The maple trees in my back yard are ablaze in hues of coral and crimson.  And the Burning Bush in my front yard is once again proving that it is well deserving of its audacious name.

I love the contrast of the vibrant reds and deep greens in the landscape right now.  Red and green are a match made in heaven as they are complementary colors - they sit opposite each other on a traditional color wheel.  You could say that they bring out the best in each other by creating a strong contrast.

Nature is so cool like that.

This time of year, when there is little else growing, the intense colors are a welcome sight during the shorter days which are so often gray and gloomy. This is also why the colors of red and green are traditionally associated with the holidays.

In any case, the colors of the season have certainly put me in a more festive mood.  Which is exactly what we're celebrating this month at FOL!  This time of year can be sometimes be stressful and overwhelming, and we believe that the antidote to that is slowing down and being present.  So as you go about your daily life, pay attention to the little details that bring you the most gratitude and joy. Savor these small moments of magic and wonder.  

Finally, be sure to share your moments with us in the FOL Flickr pool or on Instagram using  #focusingonlife.  We are so grateful to have such an amazing community of talented artists and look forward to celebrating the moments with you!

Love, Kelly


Lisa Clarke said...

I love the colors in that third photo. Just beautiful!

terriporter said...

Oh, yes, seeing all that red and green definitely puts me in the holiday mood! Is that third photo nandina? My nandina is almost as colorful as a burning bush right now! Such a pretty sight when I look out the window. I love the December focus and plan to do just that -- pay attention and enjoy every little bit of this season. Here's wishing a month long celebration of magic moments to everyone!

Dotti said...

Like you, Kelly, I'm amazed at how much color is left in my neighborhood today, December 1. The Bradford Pears are glorious and I'm impatiently awaiting the sun to return tomorrow so I can capture the gorgeous one in my neighbor's yard. Thanks for reminding us that nature can and does usher us into the holiday season - if we just pay attention.

Carol said...

Thanks for the uplift Kelly! Beautiful shots and attitude!

Focusing on Life said...

I just love the colors of Autumn. You have captured them beautifully. Our color has left and so far we have had 2 snows, so no more oranges, reds and golds until next year for us.

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