Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thoughts on Being a Rebel

by Linda

Because we are just now starting to see leaves turn, and the sky was clear!


All my life I have felt like I was at a little bit of a square peg in a round hole. If "everybody" was doing/wearing something, going somewhere, I really didn't want to. If "everybody" really liked a song/group/show, I really didn't.

It's not that I didn't pay attention to all that, I saw it, I knew what was going on, I just chose not to follow along.

It all had a fair measure of controversy that would arise from time to time because I went in a different direction. Lots of begging/pleading/trying to convince me that I "really should" do it too. Lots of different labels attached to this "unconventional" style, "strange" "loner" "weird" "anti-social".


I have been on many photo walks with other people and always find myself looking at whatever other people are not looking at. If everybody is clustered around something, busily taking pictures, I will take a look and turn in a different direction to take pictures. If I am taking pictures of something and suddenly everyone is around me also taking pictures, I will stop and look for something else.


I don't think so, but that's alright.

I have taken millions lots of pictures of these salt and pepper shakers on my table but when the light comes in the window and shadows dance on the table, I can't help myself.

This month's Focus is such a good one-Celebrate the Moment. I knew it would be easy to walk into my living room and take beautiful pictures of my Christmas tree and decorations all lit up and sparkly, celebrate the moment with lots of bokeh and shiny things and share that. But thinking about that and thinking about writing this post caused my inner rebel to speak up.

It is, after all, the season of light. Since we have had several cloudy, dreary days and on this day the sun was gloriously streaming through the window lighting everything in it's path so beautifully, I knew I needed to take pictures of it, outside as well as inside. I needed to celebrate the moment with this gorgeous light.

It seemed like everywhere I turned I saw another opportunity to celebrate the moment! Moments of light falling on the walls, the floors, the furry things I love!

And since I'm not a total Scrooge, the evening light streaming through my windows forced me to take a picture of this.

Because everyone has snowmen guarding their advent wreaths!



I think everyone should listen to their inner rebel sometimes. You just might see something amazing!



Carol said...

yup. this is one of the lessons that I consider most valuable. I was always told that when everyone is looking one way, turn around and look the other! and up . and down, and left and right....
I guess you just knew that naturally! ( and I don't think you're weird!)

Dotti said...

I'm with Carol - I don't think you're weird at all. You're lovely and caring and a top notch photographer and you're you! I wouldn't have you any other way! My hope is that we (that includes me!) learn to celebrate the moments as you did in your post all.year.long. Not just the holidays and special occasions. And I'm loving that salt and pepper shot. Give Katie a non-Christmasy kiss for me. Just to celebrate this moment.

kelly said...

linda I can't tell you how many pictures I have of light streaming into my house. and if that makes me weird, well at least I know I'm in excellent company!! :) xoxox

AFishGirl said...

Well, as someone who has what might be a kind of obsession with shooting sinks (why sinks? Dunno. All sinks, anywhere...) I guess I fall into the "not pretty flowers" type of photographer. Rebel is very different from ornery or contrary. Rebel is okay, in my opinion, as long as no one gets hurts. Sometimes the rebel thing can be a pattern by which one can rebel just for the sake of rebelling and it can cause a lot of problems in the big picture. Not photograph picture, life picture. I may need a nap. Yes. Bring on your salt and pepper shakers, trade you three sink shots for three salt and pepper shakers...

terriporter said...

Oh, my, I'm definitely the loner in the crowd! I am SO not a rebel! Nope, if Sally is doing it then I want to do it too. Have been that way since childhood and can't seem to really shake it. I love it when people can follow the beat of their own drum and do what feels right for them. And I'm so proud of all of you who can do that. As for me, I'll be the one right next to you, trying to shoot what you're shooting. And by the looks of your photos, I couldn't be emulating a better person!

Roxi Hardegree said...

I identify with that rebel. I'm always amazed at the light coming through the house too. Especially this time of year.

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