Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A New Year, A New Read

by Deanna

Winter and 2016 has settled in which means I tend to cozy in to my favorite chair with a warm drink and begin reading.  I belong to 2 book clubs where we read a book a month and discuss which is always enjoyable except when you are the only one that enjoyed the book and all others disliked it or the reverse. Then the discussions can become overly stimulating, respectful but energized. Granted there are times that I am not crazy about the choice for the month but it is always interesting to listen to others perspective. Admittedly some times by the end of the evening’s discussion I have completely changed my assessment from negative to positive. That’s the joy of book clubs.  Not only does it nudge me to read books that I would not have chosen for myself, but listening to others and their evaluations tend to broaden my view.

If you enjoy reading I would highly encourage you to join a book club. Most libraries sponsor at least one, and if you are fortunate enough to have an independent book store in your town they are also a good resource for book clubs.

I read on my Kindle almost 95% of the time. I tend to always have a hard copy of photography books and most spiritual and inspirational reads.  Altho I do have 2 versions of the Bible on my Kindle and on my Kindle app on my I-Phone. It’s a great resource for Bible study and I don’t have to carry a heavy Bible to and from.  At first I had a feeling of being a tad sacrilegious carrying the Bible on my I-Phone, but after a while I am now assured of having the word of God with me at all times.
Now let’s talk about books, what I have read and enjoyed and we would love to hear what you have read and l liked.

I think my favorite book of the year was “The Art of Hearing Heartbeats”  a truly beautiful story written in beautiful poetic language. 

Other books I read this year and enjoyed, some more than others were: (and btw, I tend to like page turners with mystery thrown in) These are not in any special order.

Mrs. Poe (interesting take on the women in Edgar Allen Poe’s life)

The Girl on the Train (and who didn’t read this??)

The Red Notebook (sweet, loved it)

A God in Ruins (a companion book to Life After Life, but I didn’t think it was quite as good as Life After Life, a ton of time shifting)

The Girls from Atomic City (interesting story of the making of the 1st Atom bomb, got a little technical in spots)

The View from Penthouse B – a little too highbrow for me

The Good Girl – (kept me reading and looking forward to her next book)

Tell the Wolves I’m Home (kind of a downer and a little disturbing)

Island Beneath the Sea (very long book, I tend to loose interest when they are too long and couldn’t really get attached to any of the characters)

Winter Garden (dismal, a story of mother and daughters and their fragile connection)

The Nightingale – (good, but not as good as “All the Light You Cannot See)

My Beloved World (Sonia Sotomayer’s rise to Chief Justice)

My Name is Malala (a remarkable young lady)

The Book of Speculation (hmm convoluted story of a man hanging on to his childhood home and the curse of the women in his family who drown.)

Disclaimer (page turner)

The Kind Worth Killing (TV movie in the making)

Longbourn – was hoping for more

The Cleaner of Chartres – setting is France in a small town, but the story gets way off track and confusing with time shifting

Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker – (OK)

The Precious One – Sweet story, happy ending – we can all use these on occasion.

My Sunshine Away – A mystery that spans years

One Plus One – who doesn’t like Jo Jo Moyes

Reconstructing Amelia – good mystery, page turner

Orange is the New Black – really liked this book, probably my 2nd favorite of the year PS – Nothing like the Netflix show

Bellweather Rhapsody – what an interesting book, young people, odd people, music, mystery.

I know there are probably a few more that I have just forgotten about. Sometimes I start a book, and if after 100 pages I am not totally hooked I put it down and go on to the next one. Too many books, too little time to waste on one I am not enjoying. I am definitely not in that "once started, must finish" class.

On my list “to read” in the next month is The Boys in the Boat, The Hypnotist’s Love Story, After You, and The Love Story of Miss Queenie Hennessey.  I think all of these are “uppers” to read during the dark days of January and February.

Those of you that read on your Kindle I have a few sites that send daily (sometimes twice a day) e-books that are always a deal. Most will not be added to my reading list but sometimes there is a gem.,,,  There are probably more out there but these will get you started especially if you are a new Kindle owner.  Happy Reading 2016!


Sandra said...

What a marvellous choice of books. I love seeing what others read! "My Name is Malala" is waiting for me. I did read "The Girl on the Train" when travelling before Christmas and couldn't put it down! I found "All the Light you Cannot See" incredibly sad. There are several that you mention above that I'm going to look into on Thanks for sharing your books and comments. I've been inspired!

heyjudephotography said...

I love that you've given us so many book ideas!! Some I have read, others I haven't even heard of so I look forward to trying some of these reads. I took your advice for a great book for a gift, which you suggested The Red Notebook. The recipient loved it and has ordered the authors other book! Thank you and happy reading.

kelly said...

well this was perfectly timed Deanna as I am looking for some new reads! happy reading! :)

terriporter said...

What a wonderful list! As Judy said, some I have read already (The Girl on the Train because of your recommendation) and some I haven't. I received All the Light You Cannot See for Christmas and am about to dive into it. Also the Nightingale. I have a Kindle but I don't read from it. I have the Kindle app on my iPad and read from that. That way when I'm traveling, I don't have to carry two devices. The trick with reading on the iPad is to change the setting to black background with white letters if reading from a lighted device keeps you up at night! Thanks for this great list (and especially your comments)!

Dotti said...

I love my Kindle! One Kindle feature I use a lot is getting a free sample. There have been times when the samples were all I needed to let me know that this wasn't a book I wanted to read. Like the others, I've read a number of books on your list, but some I have not, so I will check them out. I'm a voracious reader, year-round, so I'm always on the lookout for new book suggestions. Goodreads is helpful but I really like personal recommendations (even though Goodreads recs come from friends).

Patti G said...

okay - I have NOT read "Girl On A Train" there's your one. ;)

Carol said...

Yay! - It's the annual Deanna reading list! I look forward to it! Many here I haven't read. Right now I am deep into the Nightingale, and loving it.I also enjoyed Station 11 - which is not at all my typical read, but I liked it. I love the long sagas that I can get lost in, especially when they are in France! Anyway - thank you Deana ad I will try to reciprocate when I find good ones!

Barb said...

Well, you've given me some book fodder here, Deanna - I've read several on your list, but not all. I'll be searching on my Kindle for some of your suggestions. I can't read actual books anymore because of my formaldehyde allergy. Both paper and ink contain formaldehyde. I'm so thankful for the electronic reader! I haven't quite finished updating my 2015 Book Review page but have a look if you're interested in some suggestions for 2016. Your photo is wonderful - so clean and crisp.

Sarah Huizenga said...

I haven't read The Girl on the Train yet, but I tend to always be behind on those things.

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