Friday, January 29, 2016

Focus on You

I loved what Judy said yesterday about faceless selfies, "... a creative way of telling our story." And she goes on to say that from those photos we instantly learn much more about a person than from a self-portrait.

Such was the case as I trolled through our gallery this week in search of a photo to feature for this week's Focus on You. There were so many beautiful scenes and vignettes that gave me a glimpse of who you are. I finally settled on this one by Sandra Asplundh. One look tells me that Sandy likes to make pastel drawings. Well, since I've always wished I could draw or paint, I just couldn't pass this one up.

The light, the focus, the depth of field, the composition are all perfect and draw the viewer into the picture. It's easy to see that Sandy has an artist's eye. Sandy tells me that this year she hopes to get back to more drawing and painting but she's finding it really hard to put down her camera.

Well, Sandy, I selfishly hope you'll keep that camera busy because I love visiting your Flickr photostream. And I promise you, dear friends, you'll love it, too, so follow the link right over there. It's worth the trip.

Thank you, Sandy, for being part of our FOL family and for sharing your beautiful art with us.

Monday will be February 1 and we'll retire Faceless Selfies for a new theme. Be sure to check back on Monday to see what it is.


Dotti said...

Thank you, Sandy, for sharing your photos in our gallery!

Carol said...

Having recently gotten into playing with art supplies, this picture speaks to me. It speaks to me of contemplative Saturday mornings, and well-loved tools, and quiet mornings of creating. Makes me wish I could stay home from work today and play! Nice work!

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