Thursday, March 17, 2016

Trees at Night

by Linda

Do you dream? When you are all tucked in your cozy bed at night, after you fall asleep do you dream? Do you dream about falling or your teeth are falling out or you have to take a test at school and you didn't study? Do you dream in color? We all dream, even blind people, but we forget about 90% of what we dream and not every one dreams in color. I remember very few of the dreams I have had, a nightmare from my childhood is on that very short list as well as a very vivid dream involving my MIL. 

I was riding passenger as my MIL was driving her 1970 Chevrolet. We were trying to get up a very snow packed and icy hill. With lots of slips and slides, she manages to crest the top of the hill. Immediately we begin to slide backwards, at a high rate of speed, back down the icy hill. My MIL barely flinched as she grips the steering wheel tightly and leans slightly over it and stares intently through the windshield, then hits the gas. I didn't think we would ever stop sliding backwards, I knew we were going to end up back at the bottom of that hill but somehow, through sheer strength of her determination,  we are once again safely on top of the hill. She never looks over at me or says a word, just carries on driving us to wherever we were going.

I told my trophy husband about this dream and he said "that's about right, nothing ever stopped her"  Once she decided to do something, she did it. If she encountered any obstacles she would either work around them or through them. If any one tried to tell her she couldn't do it she didn't listen. She really didn't care what anyone else thought, if she wanted to do it, she would. And she would do it well. Because, by God, she was going to finish.

With photography, I have been frustrated taking pictures at night, in low light. Inside or outside the light was so low that my pictures were not good, very bad, just hit delete.

One night while I was out back with my little dog, I noticed how the backyard light was hitting the trees. I noticed the lights installed in some trees by my neighbor. The trees looked so pretty. The light made them so interesting. Even though I see these trees everyday, I was seeing them in a new way. I needed to take a picture. So I started walking around the yard snapping pictures from different vantage points each night. With my phone. And I even put a few through some fun apps, something I have not done for too long.


They way I see things, sometimes you have to be open to trying new things, sometimes you have to be open to see things in new ways.

Sometimes you have to just grab the wheel, look straight ahead and hit the gas.


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Grab the wheel and hit the gas, you might find a pot of gold!



terriporter said...

So, so true! We tend to keep doing things the same way even when they don't work. I really admire someone who doesn't take no for an answer and is determined to do whatever it is they are trying to do until they do it. And I can't imagine the "app queen" not playing with her apps! Your trees are gorgeous and I'm glad you saw and captured them. I especially love the one with the moon!

AFishGirl said...

Trees at night, a good idea! I tend to hunker down inside once it gets cold but these shots have me tempted to give it a try... lovely.

Dotti said...

Oh, I do love those trees! And that last one with the moon - be still my heart. Your MIL sounds like quite a lady! We probably all need some of her can-do attitude. I know I do. And three cheers for not getting stuck in a rut. As photographers, we really need to be open minded as well as open eyed.

kelly said...

these are cool shots linda! night time photography is a challenge for me too, but I might just have to give it a try agin. thanks for the reminder to stay open and just keep hitting the gas. xoxo

Cathy H. said...

Fascinating and intriguing! The first one is my favorite. I've never conquered night photography your images make me want to try harder.

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