Friday, April 1, 2016

Focus on You

It's time to say good-by to the March Focus-Light. The gallery is filled with so many beautiful pictures! I have learned so much from your creative use of light in your photography this month! You have filled the gallery with so much light! I hope you continue to find new ways to use light in your photography!


Stop by and leave a little love for these beautiful photographers!

1. Leanne Strilchuk, 2. P. J. Scott, 3. Lisa McCann, and 4. Rita Silva.

And don't forget to check our April Focus under the Monthly Focus tab at the top of the blog.  We hope you'll share your April photos with us here at FOL!



Dotti said...

Four absolutely beautiful, light-filled pictures and so many more in the gallery! It's been a great month. Thanks to these four photographers and to all of you who have displayed your art on our Flickr gallery. On to a new month, new theme!

terriporter said...

The gallery has literally shone with light this month, thanks to all of you who shared your photos!

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