Friday, April 15, 2016

Focus On You

The fallen bloom, the movement of the water, and the rich colors in this photo caught my eye as I scrolled through the FOL Flickr gallery. It is so lovely and dreamy that I could sit and stare at if for hours!  This beautiful work of art was created by Skylark23a. I don’t know about Skylark, but when I’m out in nature and see something unique like this single flower floating in a fountain, my hearts beat a little faster.

I hope you take the time to stop by Skylark’s Flickr photostream and see more beautiful and unique images of nature. They’re quite breathtaking. Thank you, Skylark for sharing your photo. 


Dotti said...

What a beautiful abstract this makes, it looks like a painting. Thank you, Skylark, for sharing your art with all of us in the FOL community.

moira said...

Thank you so much for choosing my photo and for the greatly appreciated write up and Dotti's lovely comment.
Both the Blog and the FOL Flickr site are constant sources of joy, inspiration and a sense of connection.
Moira. (AKA Skylark ! )

Carol said...

Ive just spent a lovely bit of time in your photostream and breathtaking is a well deserved adjective for it! Thanks for shari g your talents with us and your comments above are greatly appreciated by all of us too🙏

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