Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Color Your World

by Leigh

My name is Leigh and I'm a coloraholic.  I need my color fix everyday just like I need my caffeine. Everyone's got a favorite color.  It's the one you find yourself photographing over and over again.  It draws you in every time.  You spot it and your eyes light up, your mood instantly lifts and a smile washes over your face.  Most of the time my go to color is green, but looking through my photos from the past couple of weeks I'm seeing a new trend.

My photos have been full of pinks, purples and blues.  I hadn't really planned for that to be my summer flower color palette….I guess subconsciously that was my plan all along!  

I could go into various aspects of color theory, but it's difficult to summarize in a blog post.  Color combinations create a visual harmony.  Harmony is defined as a pleasing arrangements of parts, whether it be music, poetry or color.  In visual experiences, harmony is something pleasing to the eye.  "It engages the viewer and creates an inner sense of order, a balance in the visual experience."  At one end of the spectrum, when something is not harmonious it appears boring or so bland that the viewer is not engaged.  At the other extreme is a visual experience so chaotic and overdone that it overstimulates the brain.  The viewer can't stand to look at it…almost as though our brain rejects what it cannot organize or understand.  Color harmony creates not only a sense of order, but there is an ease to it that engages us and makes the viewer want to look at it longer.  "Harmony is a dynamic equilibrium."

What color combinations create that harmony for you? 


Dotti said...

YES! To color! Your colors are so pretty and I love that first shot of the ribbons.

If loving and needing color in our lives as much as we need to breathe (and I do!) is an addiction than I do believe we can start Coloraholics Anon here at FOL. After our monochrome winters, nothing cheers my spirit more than the sight of those first brave purple crocus and yellow jonquils. Now well along the way, we'll soon see a lot of yellow, red, purple, pink and white daisies in our garden, not to mention the riot of daylililes. Yes! Let the parade begin!

Cathy H. said...

I'll join the Coloraholics Anon with you and Dotti! My go to color is blue, which is so fortunate because all I have to do most days is walk outside and look at the sky to get my fix! I'm also with Dotti in loving the ribbons.

terriporter said...

Oh, color, I love you so! Sign me up for the support group because I'm a definite candidate. This time of year with so much color popping out after the winter, I'm like a dog after a squirrel -- my eye spots every color and I've been known to pull over my car just to capture it! Your ribbon photo is a riot of beautiful color and perfect for your post! I tend to love all shades of pink but as far as combinations go, purple and green get me every time. Thanks for the colorful start to my day!

kybarb said...

Loved your post today Leigh! Color plays a big part in my enjoyment of life! I don't think I totally realized this until I started taking photography classes and found I had a hard time with black and white photos--I hate giving up amazing color in a photo to b/w. While I can appreciate a good b/w photo I rarely use them in my scrapbooks or home. A beautiful color combo will get me every time. I find I must color coordinate the flowers in my flower pots lately too:)

Carol said...

It's really been a long and busy day of travel, but I just had to pop in to say WOW to that ribbon picture! That is beeeeautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

Green is also my favorite color, although a splash of pink, purple and yellow sometimes becomes the focal point! Your photo of the ribbons made me smile! Thanks for sharing a colorful post!

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