Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Flowers Make You Feel Better....

by Deanna

Yesterday we glimpsed beautiful views of Leigh's spring garden so today I thought I would you bring you along on another view of a different kind of garden, the spring wildflowers garden here in my world.  Unlike our designed gardens that grace our front and backyards, wildflowers tend to grow in scattered unplanned areas, usually found at the base of wooded regions.

We have had an up and down kinda spring here, not unusual, and when the sun did shine the wind would be howling which is certainly not conducive to photographing flowers of any sort. But last Thursday was darn near perfect. I headed to the Arboretum but on the way, I decided to stop at a spot that has always intrigued me.  Just off the road, there is a forest preserve that was calling my name. The parking lot was minimum and there seemed to be only one way to walk.  I could hear the sound of a rushing stream, but it wasn't visible from the parking lot. Walking toward the sounds I found mini trails that wandered into the woods beside the streams. Birds chirping, water spilling over rocks, slight breeze, and wildflowers at my feet, a God-like moment. I don't know about you, but spending time in a natural environment, seeing the works of Nature in it's purest form nurtures my soul to it's core.

"Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul."  ~  Luther Burbank

Walking through nature's treasure land lowers my blood pressure, calms my brain from worry, and brings that peacefulness that we all need in our noisy, list driven, full calendar lives.

 I was thankful there was a path to follow, worn down from others seeking solace. If you stepped off the path the many wildflowers growing at my feet would be in danger of trampling, so watching where I stepped was uppermost in my thoughts.

I admit that dandelions are not my favorite, especially if seen growing in my yard, but when I catch one at the edge of the flowing water which creates beautiful bokeh, I must stop and capture that sight. FYI - having a sparkling stream behind your subject creates wonderful bokeh.

 After wandering the path for awhile, I came to a crossroads and not knowing which path to take, I turned around and wandered back to the main road.  But, I'll be back, it should be spectacular in the fall.  I continued on to the Arboretum, knowing that some of the spring blooming trees would be on the wan, along with the early spring flowers.  I certainly wanted to capture their final moments before they faded away until next year.

The redbuds are so stunning with their bright pink buds and blossoms.  As they begin to fade the sweet heart shaped leaves emerge.

Some trees, as they come forth  have the most beautiful leaves, becoming something entirely different when fully grown.

And finally I came across this group, sunbathing on a log, not a care in the world.  Being a turtle some days might be a nice idea.


Jan said...

What beautiful photos and a wonderful description of your visit!

Jan said...

What beautiful photos and a wonderful description of your visit!

Cathy H. said...

Just looking at our pictures and hearing your words brings calm this morning! I love to explore new place where nature is wild and beautiful.

kelly said...

what an amazing place Deanna! thanks for taking us along on your adventure!

terriporter said...

Making that unplanned stop provided you with some amazing windflowers to shoot! That dandelion with the bokeh is pure magic! Your springs and falls make up for the harshness of your winters in a big way. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

Dotti said...

Ahhhh! The beauty! And as usual, you captured it in such a stunning manner. I really must come visit you in the spring and we can go to the Arboretum. I'd like that. Our spring has been a lot like yours but now I think we're going to move right into summer. It's been known to happen in KY. Thanks for the delightful photo tour this morning!

Patti Groetsema said...

Oh I loved this walk in the woods with you. Makes me want to go on my own nature walk - almost. HA!

Barb said...

What spectacular wildflower shots Deanna - Nature's garden at its finest. Your photos of the delicate new leaves are lovely. I'm still at the beach, soaking up the colors of CA. I hear there is still snow at my house.

Irina Kolosovskaya said...

Your beautiful flowers did make me feel better... Thank you for sharing, Deanna!

Roxi Hardegree said...

I totally agree that flowers make you feel better. They sure pulled me out of the doldrums is March. And a 'nature' walk is the best place to have 'church'. Your shots are so incredible. All of them.

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