Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Blasts From the Past

by Deanna

Within the past 10 days I received an unexpected blast from the past.  My older cousin Sue (who I haven’t seen in more than 50 years) vowed that this is the year for de-cluttering.  Hmm, seems to me I make that same commitment each year, but so far it hasn’t happened in my world. (yet)  She even went so far as sorting out old photographs and mailing them to the appropriate family.  Wow, was I surprised to open the large envelop and discover photos I didn’t even know existed.  I want to say it was a trip down memory lane, but some of the photos were taken way beyond my memory bank.

This one, for instance.  When I first saw this photograph what immediately grabbed my eye was the scarf tied around my head, oh my Lord. Then upon closer viewing I realized that I was holding a snowball and standing in snow, altho it looks like Mom thru a rug out for me to stand on. I am dressed like summertime, short-sleeve, (but I will say it's a sweet dress with that little bolero) nothing on my bare legs. I promise you, my Mom was a better Mom than what this photograph would imply. 

Ruffling through all the photographs, I realized what a gift Sue gave me.  I have this one, a picture of my Mom and her sisters, brother-in-law and another huge surprise, a picture of my Dad. My real Dad and Mom were divorced when I was just an infant (another story) and honestly I don't ever remember seeing a picture of him. I think my Mom wiped him from her life.  My father is on the far left and my Mom is in the center with her hand on her cheek.  It's difficult to think that these old images are all that is left of my heritage, but how blessed I am to have them.  

Probably 6 to 7 years after this was taken, and that is just a guess since there was no date on the above photograph, my Mom met and married the man who became my "Dad" when I was 5 years old. A wedding....small, with my aunt the maid of honor and my Dad's cousin Ted the best man. I think cousin Ted was a bit of a scoundrel. Everytime Ted came to town Mom would get nervous. I have no idea what made Mom so nervous, probably better I didn't know at the time. 

About a year later, my brother entered the picture. He is 6 years younger than me and let's just say we weren't exactly the best of buddies. He was a pain in my side and really dampened my free time in the summertime while my mother worked outside of the home and I had to stay home and babysit.  This image was obviously taken prior to the horrors of babysitting your little brother. (another cute dress I might add)  PS  As adults we have a great time together. 

I think this image pretty much illustrated our mutual admiration (?) for each other. Makes me giggle. 

And finally I am all grown up, 17 and ready to grab life.  At least I thought I was grown up at 17. 

Don't most 17 year old's think they know it all, can handle most everything, know better than Mom and Dad? Only to find out later just how much you needed the wisdom of your parents, the love and sometimes unwanted guidance they gave. Wouldn't you just about give anything to have that one last conversation with your Mom and Dad? To ask them unanswered questions, to know them better as a person, not just Mom & Dad.  Be able to tell them one more time how much you loved them and missed them, I know I would. 

So, thank you Sue, for sending me these photographs. Bringing me great joy, they are wee bits of treasures with their scratches, fading and sometimes out of focus images. I cherish each one.   


Sandra said...

What a wonderful stroll down memory lane! So many lovely photos from years gone by when even today's grandmothers were still little girls! So lovely to see your parents. Your dad looked quite the charmer! I think you have your mum's eyes. Now I wonder what that scoundrel of cousin Ted had been up to? Best not to imagine really!!

Carol said...

Im so happy for you! There is no greater treasure, in my opinion. Your mom looks full of fun! Thanks for the stories!

Dotti said...

Deanna, these are priceless! It seems the older we get, the more precious our memories and old photos like this become. I know the memory thing is especially poignant for you. I can see your 'now' face in that precious picture of you uptop and I can see your Lisa in that last picture.

A similar thing happened to me a couple of years ago. My older cousin, whom I haven't seen in more than 25 years, although we have talked on the phone, sent me a huge - strike that word - big photo album filled with old photos which she found going through her mother's things. Her mother was my favorite aunt and my cousin used to babysit me a lot. Anyhow, the pictures brought tears and laughter and joy and warm, fuzzy feelings. So, yeah. I totally get how warm and fuzzy this surprise gift makes you feel. Savor the feeling - it's priceless.

terriporter said...

How wonderful to have these! As Dotti said, I can see you in that first photo. And the last one when you're 17, I can see your daughter and granddaughters too. My mom gave me all the old family photos a few years ago and they are such treasures! A few years ago I made a mini album of my growing up from these photos (not the actual photos -- I scanned them in and printed them). It's very special to me. I hope all the photos I've taken and all the albums I've created give my kids that same feeling when they look at them when they're older. Such precious memories!

AFishGirl said...

You were and you are extremely gorgeous, Deanna. Your loving spirit shines through in these treasures. So great to see this.

CarolHart said...

What a gift! Such a wonderful reminder to all of us in the digital age that printing out photographs (and writing who is in them and the date) is so very important. Thanks so much for sharing!

Rhadonda Sedgwick said...

These photos are epic! What a great read and so true.

kelly said...

I love this so much Deanna. Love seeing your blue eyes shining like they still do today. :)

Sarah Huizenga said...

What a treasure she sent you! You were a beauty then and a beauty now. I am six years older than my brother so I totally get it.

Barb said...

Deanna, I'm amazed at how much your granddaughter looks like you! I can see it in these photos. Wonderful to have these and take a trip down memory lane. I love the photo where both you and your brother are scowling - love the fashions of the time, too!

Cathy H. said...

This is so special! My children were seven years apart, so I'm sure my daughter would empathize with you. She had to fill the role as babysitter a time or two! Oh, and that picture of you . . . GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

I must say Deanna that you were an adorable little girl and dressed so cute! I couldn't help but notice that your mother in the first photo had on tap shoes...must have been a dancer? Anyway, your walk down memory lane must have been very special, and what a treasure you have to pass on to your children and grands! Thanks for sharing your story and the beautiful photos!

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