Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My Happy Place

by Deanna

Everyone has a happy place. Some maybe a cozy chair by the fireplace, another's may be their summer cottage at the lake,  Mine happens to be my back porch.  You have probably heard me say this more than once, but it bears repeating year after year, summer after summer.  It was my idea to have someone construct our screened porch about 25 years ago, my sweetie was perfectly content with the concrete slab we called a patio, but my dreams went further. Since it was my idea/dream and at the time I was working full-time, which meant there was money in the pocket book, I boldly said, "I'll pay for it." Well, 25 years later and thousands of mornings, noons, afternoons and nights spent there, I never ever regretted that bold statement.  The peace, the quiet, the views I see from the back porch is where my happy place resides.

When I went to Texas in April with my friend, Jeanne from "Butterfly Metamorphosis" she had just purchased a Tamron 150-600mm lens. The sights she could capture with that lens made my jealous little heart pitter patter.  I held off buying that lens almost 2 months, yes I said months, not years (at my age you don't wait years for anything!) and finally after a 2 month deliberation I sallied (ie: an outburst or flight of passion) up and ordered it from Amazon. Now, at this point you must be wondering what does this paragraph have to do with the one above - my happy place?

Exclamation forth-coming.  My happy place, which also includes the land surrounding said porch, is filled with birds, bees, blooms, and small animals all of which I can now capture with this lovely 150-600 mm lens. Which increases the happiness 10 fold or I should say 600 mm fold.

I walked out into the back yard this morning and found this....

A Robin just finishing his morning shower,

A hummingbird ready for more nectar,

A Yellow Finch perched on the feeder,

A bee nosing it's way inside a Penstemon, 

A rose blooming,

And what would my backyard be without Cinder and Toby. They enjoy the porch and the backyard as much as I do. Grey hairs are coming in abundance on Cinder's face, but she is still as spry as ever.

And Toby stopped to smell the flowers.... PS they both need a good grooming.

I am sure you have that special place that makes you happy. We would love to hear where your's is.


Sandra said...

I love your rocker and view on the garden. Well that new 150-600 mm lens is certainly widening your horizons! You^re getting wonderful shots of nature and the birds can't even here you coming. You must be thrilled!

Cathy H. said...

I love the peacefulness of your back porch! My happy place is my swing that hangs from the perfect oak tree in the front yard. I could spent hours there! Congrats on your new lens! These close-ups are amazing!

Carol said...

I totally, totally get it! My mother's house had a back porch that I spent my whole life on. I now have a wonderful patio that is my happy place, but I have to go in when it rains or gets dark - the only thing that could be better is to have a screened in section. Secondly, I have sat on your back porch and it is not only comfortable, but gorgeous with its red floors and decorations - its like a summer day itself!
We all need treats in life , and though money makes us set our priorities, I think we deserve some reward for working hard! I am pinching pennies now to plan for a trip in 2017.
I am interested in asking if you find the lens heavy? I am so shaky - your focus certainly does not look like it bothers you! These shots are perfect - and especially for your first week out with a new lens! Where is your learning curve, lady? You are perfect already!!!

kelly said...

I have some happy memories on that back porch Deanna. :) And wow! With that lens it's like having all your lovely backyard visitors right there with you.

Dotti said...

What an exciting lens! And, like Carol and Kelly, I've been a visitor to your back porch and I totally 'get it'. It's a lovely and peaceful place. My back porch is my happy place, too, but alas! No 150-600 for me. Your photos are truly lovely!

terriporter said...

Having spent some wonderful hours on that back porch, I can certainly understand why it is your happy place! And the ability to capture all the beauty around you with that new lens will make it even more so. You are already doing amazing things with it! That purple bokeh behind the pink rose? OMG! So glad you treated yourself with that lens. The place I think of when I think of my happy place is the beach but living six hours away from it makes my visits few and far between. My happy place when I'm at home is in my backyard when the cactus are in bloom. Thanks for this beautiful start to my day!

Lisa Gordon said...

Congratulations on your new lens, Deanna.
These photographs are beautiful, and I so look forward to seeing more.
Have fun with it, my friend!

Lynne said...

I have a few . . .
Inside my daughters wit takes me over the moon in belly jiggling laughter . . . a happy place!
Book in hand, screened porch, comfort, birds chirping . . . a happy place!
Clarity in photography . . . like yours . . . a very happy place!

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