Friday, July 1, 2016

Focus On You!

Dark and moody photography has been a revelation to me this past month! I had never really tried it on a bright summer day.  Who would have thought that I would choose to focus on an indoor picture in the middle of summer? But this straw hat just says SUMMER to me in capitol letters - reminds me of those beachy days when you take a mid-day break from the hot sun and grab a nap in a breezy rental house bedroom....

This contribution is from Margie O'Hara (Moo O'Hara), who you can find here and on her website  Thanks for contributing Margie!

We also would like to introduce our July theme - a lighthearted look at "Signs."  Signs, as in  the signs of our times, the words that direct us, inform us and entertain us. You will find a more complete description in our banner above, under Monthly Focus. Have a look and post some fun and unique ones this month.

Happy July!


Cathy H. said...

Beautiful choice! The light is so warm and lovely and I love the hat. This corner makes me want to see what the rest of the room looks like!

terriporter said...

Loved this shot when I saw it in the Flickr gallery! The light is perfect and this shot is a beautiful choice for our month of Dark & Moody! Thanks for sharing it, Margie!

Rhadonda Sedgwick said...

Perfect photo!! Love everything about. Such talent!! Love following Margie!!

Anonymous said...

Perfect photo for the theme! I agree with Cathy...seeing this corner makes you want to see the rest of the room! Thanks for sharing!

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Wonderful photo. I love this kind of low light on a hot summer day. Such a vintage feel to it. Just found this blog and I'm so happy I did. : )

~ Wendy

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