Friday, July 15, 2016

Focus On You

As I wandered through the Focusing On Life Gallery, my senses sprang alive when I spotted this beautiful photo. I don’t know about you, but I’d love to climb right into it. I’d love to rest my eyes on the soft pastel colors. I’d love to inhale the sweet scent of the wisteria and hear the bees buzzing as they enjoy the sweet nectar. I’d love to reach out and touch the rough wood of the door and walls.

This lovely image was taken by Sandra. You can find more of her photography that will delight your senses on her Flicker Stream or you can visit her blog Reflections and Nature. Thank you, Sandra, for sharing your beautiful image!

I’m looking forward to seeing more lovely images in the gallery. Don’t forget while you’re out and about to keep your eyes open for "signs," this month’s focus theme. We’d love to see what you found. 


Carol said...

Beautiful! I'll climb right in with you!

terriporter said...

I absolutely LOVE door shots and this is a special one! Yes, doors just beckon us to walk through them to see what's on the other side and that wisteria! Just gorgeous! And Sandra's Flickr stream is truly a feast for the eyes. Thanks for sharing this, Sandra!

Dotti said...

Oh, yeah! I totally want to jump into that picture. Nothing says "relax" like sweet smelling wisteria. And the photo is exquisite.

Sandra said...

What a lovely surprise to see my photograph here! Thank you for choosing it to share in the space!
The wisteria was so beautiful on this particular day and the perfume of the full-blown flowers just wonderful in the sunshine. I was visiting this small town on my birthday this year to eat in my favourite Thai restaurant!
Thank you for your friendly comments!

gina said...

Bravo, Sandra! I'm a big fan of doors, and you found a beautiful one!

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