Tuesday, July 5, 2016

In The Details

by Leigh

"God is in the details"
~Mies van der Rohe

Paying attention to small things can have great reward.  Detail shots don't have to be taken with an expensive macro lens and they can be an image of any subject matter.  They often tell a story by focusing on a relatively small portion of the overall image. For me detail shots are those that bring awareness to a part of an image that might otherwise go unnoticed.  

I also try to make photos that just emphasize a detail through composition. I consider these detail shots as well.  You are viewing something up close with the added bonus of shooting at a normal distance and including background.

Keeping my eyes open for the details is what keeps photography interesting for me.  It's like a treasure hunt trying to find and capture details that may not have been noticed before.  

How do you best capture details?  Do you search them out or do they find you?


Focusing on Life said...

They definitely find me - as you said - that's part of the fun in communing with nature as well as in photography. You have a special talent for noticing them and portraying them. I love your style!

terriporter said...

Love your photos! For me, when I became interested in macro photography and began seeing the details through my lens, I found I was seeing them everywhere I went, whether I had my camera in my hands or not, and I love that I now notice the tiniest details all around me. It definitely is "in the details"!

kelly said...

leigh, you always find such magic in the details. thanks for the inspiration.

Cathy H. said...

Seeing the details that are revealed through my camera is fascinating. I'm a lot like Terri, when I began to capture details with my macro lens, I see details everywhere. Beautiful images, today!

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