Friday, September 30, 2016

Focus On You

This stunning image quickly caught my eye. Blue is my favorite color and I love these seedpods. Rhadonda1 combined them into such a lovely image. You can see more of her beautiful photography on her flickr photostream. Thank you Rhadonda, for sharing this with us.

It's been a wonderful month of sparkling beauty in the FOY photostream. Thank you for sharing your GLASS photos with us this month! 


Dotti said...

This is beautiful! I recognize it from the Studio 2.0 crate prompt. Thanks for sharing, Rhadonda!

Rhadonda Sedgwick said...

Blush. Thank you so much for the feature. You are right Dotti, it was for The Studio 2.0 crate prompt!!

Carol said...

Beautiful ! My favorite colors in such nice hues! Lovely!

terriporter said...

Love the focus on the front pod and that gorgeous blue glass! Great job with the crate too!

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