Monday, September 19, 2016

Longing for Fall

by Terri

September is an odd month here in the desert. Yes, the heat of summer is beginning to give way and temperatures aren’t quite so intense but while everyone else seems to be pulling out sweaters and watching the leaves change, here we are still a long way from fall.  

Most of the cactus blooms that have enchanted me all season are pretty much gone but the barrel cactus waits until September, when she has the stage all to herself, to start blooming in fall-like colors of pale to bright yellow, orange, peach, watermelon and red.  

So this is fall in the desert. It may not be cool enough for sweaters and jeans, we may not have changing leaves or frost on our pumpkins, but we can count on the barrel cactus to provide plenty of fall color at just the right time. 

What is your fall looking like?  


kelly said...

once again terri, the desert continues to amaze me. and with highs still in the mid-90's, it feels more like summer than fall in my neck of the woods.

heyjudephotography said...

Still hot and humid here in NY, and I've seen no signs of fall yet. Your photos are so beautiful, I'm sure you look forward to Sept to photograph those beautiful blooms!

Dotti said...

Like Kelly, cactus flowers never cease to amaze me! These are all so lovely - so different than fall in so many places. Not much indication of fall here. After a spring and half a summer with plenty of rain, we turned dry, very dry. I'm afraid our fall color may suffer from the dry spell. But we'll see. It's still plenty warm, even overnight, not conducive to trees turning colors. All we can do is wait - and hope.

Becca said...

When I lived in Nevada I never had cactus that lovely! Love their autumn colors and you always photograph them so beautifully! Getting to our "rainy season" which I love. Cool mornings and nights with some sunshine during the day but just enough to light up the changing leaves on the trees. Oh how I love autumn here in Seattle! After all those years of living in Las Vegas, the autumn climate here is such an amazing experience for me! Have a lovely week Terri!

Cathy H. said...

I know I've said it before, but your dessert is spectacular! The barrel cacti certainly have a variety of colors and you know how to make those colors shine! It's still hot and humid here in Arkansas and doesn't look like anything will change in the near future. We are occasionally blessed with a cooler morning, but I have to get out there fast to enjoy a few minutes before it heats up!

seabluelee said...

I grew up in the desert of Southern Nevada, so I know what you mean about fall. Now I live in Southern Maine and autumn is definitely under way here, with leaves beginning to turn to yellow and red and orange. Your barrel cacti are gorgeous!

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