Thursday, September 8, 2016

Summer Favorites

By Cathy

The summer is coming to an end. Officially autumn doesn't begin till later this month, but for many of us vacations are over, children are back in school, and we’re beginning to feel a little change in the air; a little less heat and humidity. Most of you know I don’t particularly care for summer, but I promise this isn’t be a negative post about summer. Even though I’m not a fan of summer, there are things that I can ONLY enjoy during summertime. I try to look for the best in everything, so I went outside (IN THE HEAT), sat in my swing, and quickly wrote down ten things I will miss about summer. Then just as quickly I went back inside! 

So, here they are, ten things I love about summer.

1. dragonflies dancing in the air, their wings shimmering in the afternoon light
2. birds and insects singing their choruses all day and croaking frogs at night

3. the beauty and smell of fresh fruits and veggies
4. homemade ice cream and watermelon on the Fourth Of July

5. walking barefoot in the morning dew
6.    watching the antics of hummingbirds as they swarm the feeder

 7. relaxing under a shade tree
8. seeing the vibrant colors of flowers

  9. spending extra time with family, hearing their laughter, feeling their love
10. extra hours of daylight, which is great for photographers

I stopped at ten, but I probably could have gone on. Summer is a time full of good times and memories. I wrote this list in my Journal Of Lists. Yes, I have a journal that is full of lists. I love lists. Anyway, when I’m hot and miserable next summer, I can get out my journal, read this list, and focus on the things that brings me happiness in summer.

If you were to sit down and write a list of the things you’d miss most about summer, what would be on it?

By all these lovely tokens September days are here,
With summer’s best of weather and autumn’s best of cheer.”
~ Helen Hunt Jackson


Carol said...

i want to start a list journal! what a great idea!

Lisa Comperry said...

I'm not crazy about the heat and humidity of our area, so I always welcome late fall and winter...With that said, in the summer, my backyard is the setting for a chorus of hundreds of FROGS, TOADS and CICADAS..DRAGONFLIES float overhead...I love to watch my doggies WARM THEIR BONES...VACATIONS in the summer are awesome..Nothing like a summer SUNSET..BEACHES provide the best relief in those hot months..When I head out of the city to a forest , I might get to see FIREFLIES..I love love love seeing and feeling the THUNDERSTORMS blow in after a long hot day :-)

AFishGirl said...

Did you make that quilt the boys are on? So beautiful. That's an impressive list, Cathy. I don't think I could come up with ten. I'll try for five. 1. no snow on the roads for driving 2. the early morning and late evening light 3. bbq 4. people are generally happier (and I deal with the public in my job so this matters) 5. Nope. I can't do it. 4 it is. The journal of lists sounds excellent. Can you do a blog post about that?

Dotti said...

What a lovely collection of summer memories and what a delightful list! My favorite thing about summer? The longer daylight hours. Not as long as what we experienced in Alaska but normal long days that we see in the lower 48. Even now, as the days shorten, I wish for more daylight because more daylight = more photo ops!

kelly said...

cathy if I was to make a list, it would look very much like yours. a beautiful love letter to summer. xoxo

terriporter said...

I love lists too and yours is perfectly illustrated with beautiful photos! You would think I would dislike summer too because of our hot temperatures and I do miss being able to be outside more, but I love the long days and just last night I noticed that the daylight hours are shortening and had to reset the timer on my landscape lights. :( Besides the longer days, my favorite things about summer are watching my grandkids in the pool, salads for dinner, vacations, our amazing sunrises and sunsets, and my cactus in bloom!

Sarah Huizenga said...

Thanks for the reminder that there are some good things associated with summer. I could probably come up with ten. My favorite would be the Farmer's Market. There is no other time of year, when the bounty is so plentiful.

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