Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fall Containers

by Leigh

One of my favorite things to do in the fall is to plant containers.  There aren't nearly as many choices in the fall as there are in the spring which can make it a challenge.  But my favorite go to plants are Boxwood, Spruces or Yews as a nice evergreen with colorful Mums, Asters, Dianthus and Pansies for a pop of color.  I also like to add in ornamental Kale or Cabbage for some texture and some English Ivy to spill over the side.

A good rule of thumb when planting containers is to have a thriller, a filler and a spiller.  In this case the Dwarf Alberta Spruce is the tall thriller, the flowers & Kale are the fillers and the Ivy is the spiller.
One of my best tips is to use hanging baskets when available.  They are usually very full and an instant WOW factor! And when you plant your containers be sure to pack them in tight...you don't want to wait until the end of the season for them to grow in and look full.  Be sure to feed them with a good multipurpose fertilizer and keep them watered in well. The goal is instant gratification when it comes to pots!  


kelly said...

a thriller, filler, and spiller. I love it!! thank you for the inspiration leigh!

terriporter said...

Great advice from my favorite landscape designer! It's finally beginning to cool off here and I will soon be able to put some of your tips to good use. I love that the things we plant here in the fall give us color throughout the winter and spring, making the effort of planting them worthwhile. I have a big pot outside of my front door and I'm going to use your "thriller, filler, spiller" tip on that for sure!

Dotti said...

Perfect timing! My tired impatiens are coming out of the big planter out front and now I know how to make it dazzling! Even I can remember "thriller, filler and spiller". Thanks, Leigh!

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