Thursday, October 6, 2016

Ordinary to Fascinating

By Cathy

It was just a stick I’d picked up as I walked across the yard. Just an ordinary stick, well maybe not completely ordinary. It  was covered with lichen that created golden ruffles and fan shapes, but it was still just a stick. As I headed to the pasture to throw it on the burn pile, I looked a little closer at the stick and decided it needed to be photographed before tossing it on the pile.

I turned it over and over trying to decide which part I wanted to focus on; the textures, the patterns, the shapes, or the colors. I couldn’t decide, so I thought this would be a good time to try a photography challenge. I challenged myself to take 50 pictures and see which one I liked best. I actually took more than that and can’t pick just one favorite.

I placed the stick in different locations.

I took pictures from different perspectives.

I took pictures in different light.

I even had had a couple of visitors during the photo shoot.

The more pictures I took, the more details I saw. This little stick fascinated me. It became beautiful, even magical. I kind of fell in love with it, so instead of tossing on it the burn pile I added it to my nature collection.

It’s easy for us in our rushed life to overlook beauty in the ordinary. On most days I probably would have just walked past this stick, but today it caught my eye and I paused long enough to celebrate its beauty. Maybe you would like to take time for a simple photography exercise like I did. Find an ordinary object and take 50 pictures of it. You just might be surprised at what fascinating things you discover. When you finish your exercise share a photo on the Focusing On Life Flicker page. We’d love to see what captured you attention.

“When our eyes are graced with wonder,
the world reveals its wonders to us.”
~ Christine Valters Paintner


kelly said...

yep cathy...this is magic. you are so right about how seeing the extraordinary just takes a little time to stop and notice the details!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Cathy! You have an eye that makes the ordinary magical. These are gorgeous macros. I don't blame you for keeping the stick - I would have too.

JUDITH said...

Over the top. I know you had a great time.

Jeanne said...

isn't photography just amazing how it makes everything a possible photo option. And oh, the amazing things you see when you are looking. Glad you saw that and too advantage

Sarah Huizenga said...

Like Lee said you have an eye for making the ordinary extraordinary. Such a good photo exercise - one we should take the time to do.

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