Thursday, November 10, 2016

Things You Don't Always See Coming

by Linda

Families are a funny lot of people. Some are related by blood, some are related by marriage and some are related by love. Everybody has "that" aunt/uncle/cousin/whoever and we love them still. Like it or not, we are forever connected through family.

I have lived a fairly ordinary life. I grew up, went to school, got married, got a job and had a couple of kids. I remember coming home from the hospital after the birth of our youngest child. Trophy husband was behind the wheel with me riding shotgun, I looked over my shoulder toward the backseat of the car where our daughter sat next to our new son and thought "our family is complete, and it's beautiful"

Fast forward through life and our daughter found a wonderful man to marry and love forever. And we love him too. It was an unexpected bonus to welcome him into our family.

And then our son found someone wonderful to marry and love forever and we love her too. Another lovely addition to our family.

The fact that our kids have grown up and found someone that loves them so deeply and the feelings I have because of this fact is something I didn't see coming.

I probably always knew it would happen someday and now that it has, my heart is overflowing with gratitude, happiness and love for this family of ours.

Because, to me, the fact that my kids have found people that love them as unconditionally as I do, truly, brings me to my knees.



Dotti said...

What a beautiful love story! And just what the doctor ordered for me today. Thank you, Linda, for reminding me of the love and beauty that is in our world and in our lives. Lately it's been hard to remember that. I'm going to read this post again - it's just the tonic I need.

terriporter said...

I can totally relate to this, Linda! When your kids find someone to love and that person loves them back completely, well it's just the icing on the cake of parenting. And how can you not love someone who loves your child so much and take them into your family as well as your heart? Thanks for sharing this beautiful story! You have much to be thankful for.

AFishGirl said...

What a beautiful and moving post, Linda. So happy to read this today.

Cathy H. said...

Beautiful post, Linda. I am also grateful that our children have found wonderful spouses.

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