Wednesday, November 23, 2016

We Need to Return....

by Deanna

When you read this post, you might possibly be in the middle of preparing the Thanksgiving meal, or traveling to wherever to celebrate this special day be it with relatives, neighbors, friends, or possibly a fancy restaurant.(that sounds like a great idea, but my family would revolt if we did not have our traditional Thanksgiving meal  in our home)  I hope that wherever you are or wherever you are going, to stop and give thanks for continued blessings. I know that all of us have burdens we carry, but stopping to count our blessings seems to make those burdens a little less burdensome.  Oh yes, they are still there and always will be as your life continues to unfold. But I bet that if you listed all your troubles on a piece of paper, and then continued with listing all of your blessings, the list of blessings would far outnumber the troubles.  We have all heard these messages before, this is not a new thought, just a reminder, more to myself than you who visit our blog and leave us little love messages.

I think most of us get a little annoyed with the retail industry and their insistence on pushing Christmas in our faces immediately after Halloween or neighbors hanging their Christmas lights burning them brightly 2 weeks before Thanksgiving which leaves me wondering “do all those people just skip Thanksgiving and go right into the rush of the Christmas holidays?”  Stop, count your blessings, thank God for the grace he shines down upon us. God gives, we need to return. Don’t rush the gratitude. 

We here at Focusing  On Life have devoted this entire month to “gratitude” and for that I am so thankful. We hope that you and your families and friends have the Happiest of Thanksgiving.  And…PS you only live once and life is wonderful,  so eat that damn butter on the potatoes, slurp up that gravy on the dressing, and have a second helping of that pie with a hefty dose of ice cream or whipped cream on top . (says me who definitely needs to lose weight)


Carol said...

I am the only person on the planet who orders turkey at the diner the day before Thanksgiving! I could eat it every day... So I will be slurping it all up. I will, as well, be slurping up the gratitude and the company and the day. Happy Thanksgiving Deanna!

Dotti said...

I'm right there with Carol: I love turkey! But that's not really what the holiday is about. It's about all those we love, all the values we cherish, all that which we hold dear - and being thankful for each and everyone of them. I'm so thankful for the wisdom of my blog-mates. Each one is so unique and each one always teaches me something about the world and about myself. Sharing this space with these women and with our readers has made me a better person. And for that I'm grateful. Today, it was the lovely Deanna who opened my heart to pause and take time in my gratitude. I do sometimes tend to rush! Thank you, Deanna. Happy Thanksgiving to you and to all my blog-mates and to all, each and every one of our lovely readers!

terriporter said...

This post is so "you", Deanna! So uplifting and positive and just plain wonderful! I completely agree with all you said about not rushing this holiday but in counting our blessings and enjoying all the goodness around us (even that second slice of pumpkin pie!) As Dotti said, one of the things I'm so thankful for is this space, a space where we come together and share our photography and our lives, with each other and with our readers. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

moira said...

We don't have a Thanksgiving day here in the UK, reading this makes me wish we did !
I am very grateful for all that is shared on Focusing on Life and wish you all a Happy Day wherever you may be :-)

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