Tuesday, February 28, 2017


by Leigh

I never know what my eye is going to be drawn too.  There's always the obvious....expected shots....my kids.....flowers....leaves. But then there are things that are unexpected, things that I'm not necessarily searching out.   You know what I mean right? How many times how you've been just walking along going about your business and something catches your eye...it makes you stop and do a double take.  It's an observation of perhaps a relationship between things such as the tree reflection and a car window.  It's those moments that pop up and make us pause for a moment.  Those are the shots that I feel down deep in my soul.  It's not something I plan for....it's not something I search for....it's something that finds me.  

As I look through some of these shots I notice a similar theme.  They are all photos of relationships although rarely are people involved.  This shot was the vignette created by the turquoise chair and the ivy covered fence.  It was more than just a photo of a chair, a fence and some ivy.  It's the relationship between all three and the story that it tells.

This is a simple staircase leading to indoor soccer fields where I spend many of my Saturdays.  The grass shadows on the stairs stopped me dead in my tracks as I fished out my iphone from my purse.  It was a photo that I had to take.  A moment that was meant for me to see.  As other soccer parents rushed around me I stood, composed and captured.  I was thankful for that brief moment to pause and acknowledge something that I thought was beautiful even though it was just concrete, metal and weeds.

Keep your eyes open for the unexpected.  Become an observer in your day to day world.  



Sandra said...

I adore finding unexpected treasures like your photos above! The unexpected things we see are the most exciting! I love all three of yours. The shade patterns of the grass in the last shot are just delicious!

AFishGirl said...

That car reflection mirror knocks my socks off. I'd have that hanging on my wall. Yes, the unexpected. How the camera entices us to really "see" the magic right in front of us.

Chin How Chung said...

"It's not something I plan for....it's not something I search for....it's something that finds me." That really connects to me, it's a true reflection of our core and what strikes us at that moment, transcripted wonderfully into a photograph. Great pics!

Dotti said...

This is one of the unexpected joys of practicing photography - being drawn to the unexpected, which most people miss. Beautiful enoecyed encounters, Leigh!

terriporter said...

Love the subject of this post and your photos illustrate it perfectly. I completely agree with what Dotti said too. I truly think that it's our photographer's eye that keeps us noticing all that surrounds us. So many of my friends have said to me, "You see everything! I would never have noticed that!" We have trained our eyes to see and I think that is an excellent trait to have. There is so much beauty in this world that would be missed (and is missed by many people) if we didn't have our eyes trained to see it. We are observers and capturers and I am happy to be one!

kelly said...

you have such a gift for seeing these interesting relationships leigh!

Cathy H. said...

It hasn't been that long ago since I was one of those that didn't notice much. I am so grateful that photography has taught me to see. I was missing so many things; things as simple as shadows and reflections!

Carol said...

Beautiful inside and out

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