Thursday, February 16, 2017

Shadow Dancing

by Linda

Everyone knows photography is all about the light. Finding the light, knowing what color the light is and how to use it in your photograph. If you have light it follows that you will have shadows. This months Focus had me kinda stumped. What's so great about shadows, I thought. Then I read this.

Oh, I see! Sometimes shadows can really add something to your photograph. They can help fill out the story. But I still have trouble coming to terms with having shadows in my photographs. I don't like them and will do my best to avoid them at all costs and if I see one I will reframe my subject otherwise the photograph ends up on the cutting room floor. Shadows just don't belong in photographs, I thought. Then I read this.

Oh, I see! By allowing shadows in my photographs I can get a little creative. Make my photograph a little abstract. Abstract is something I struggle with. Sometimes I need abstract photos explained to me. But I'm learning. But still, how do I do that exactly? I asked myself. Then I read this.

Oh, I see! Now I'm getting some where! Maybe I can be on the lookout for shadows to photograph! This could be fun! I enjoy being a little creative from time to time! It's time for me to step into the light and look at the shadows! Of course sometimes a little inspiration helps. So I looked at this.

It's still all about the light but there's beauty in the shadows too! Have you tried it yet?



Carol said...

Wonderful reference and I had read some of these. Thanks for illustrating our theme so well! I love the dog picture!

kelly said...

I've only recently come to embrace shadows in my photos. but I have to admit that I love the drama and sense of mystery they add. thanks for sharing such great resources!

Cathy H. said...

I'm fascinated with shadows! My eyes are just drawn to them. There's lots of good information in these articles to help take great shadow pictures!

Dotti said...

What a treasure trove of resources you have shared with us today, Linda! Thanks for your research and for sharing. This should keep us fascinated with shadows for a long tome'

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