Monday, February 13, 2017

Thank You for Sharing My Journey

By Carol

I am not great with details. I am probably the worst proof- reader around ( as anyone who receives my text messages can attest.) Usually its because my mind is minutes ahead of my current thoughts and lightyears ahead of my fingers! If you had asked me how long I had been knocking away at this blog, I would have answered - 'oh......roughly 3 years....." Well, it recently came to my attention , from those who pay more attention, that we have been collaborating here at FOL for 5 years now! Aside from the rewards that we all write about frequently, ie the wonderful friendships that have developed here, I think one of my greatest benefits has been the development of a creative habit.

For many crazy-busy, young years - years with marriage and children and work and friends - I said I was "interested" in art. But being interested in something and practicing it are two different things. Finding a way to actually incorporate art into my life has been life-changing, enriching, enchanting!

It started by learning my camera through and through. It progressed through joining communities here and online to share methods and ideas, which was actually making time for practice and familiarity. My progress took a huge leap the year I did an online picture a day series about my kitchen table. Seeing and documenting the same scene daily was hugely instructional, both mechanically (using my camera, studying technique) and creatively (coming up with something new, seeing things in detail.)

FOL has forced me to sit down and write every other Monday for 5 years. That meant that I thought about photography and creativity at minimum twice a month - but in reality so much more often, as I began to keep journals for ideas, and to think about my posts. I went from the specific to the generic as concentrating on photography blossomed into interests in writing, sketching, watercolor, multi-media. Trying many of those things has led me to be back in touch with old friends who are artists, and helped me to meet new friends from all over the world with common interests. I am continually amazed at the individuality of art. Everyone sees things differently and  loves different aspects of it. People can see art in their breakfast, in a rock, in textiles, buildings and raindrops. Its so inspiring to see an idea that is completely new to me!

There is nothing more stimulating for me than cross-pollination.
I am increasingly interested in the Urban Sketch crawls, in the same way that I have been traveling to my photography workshops and gatherings all these past years. A friend recently opened a studio and mentioned that one of her goals is to have an artist night weekly where people can just come and work on their various projects together, over wine and conversation. I predict great success from this idea - and I would bet money that it will result in amazing creations!

So thank you FOL! My wonderful friendships with my fellows here at FOL, and the people within our extended FOL family are thoughtful, supportive, loving, loyal and deep, but they are also instructional, inspiring, enriching and expansive. I am eternally grateful for this part of my life! Thank you one and all!


heyjudephotography said...

I completely agree Carol. When I had to step away from this blog for many months I so missed the creativity in my life. Like you said, we are "forced", in a good way, to think and write and live creativity, and it has opened my eyes to all forms. Good friendships and creativity, we couldn't ask for anything more!

Dotti said...

I love this post, Carol! It is so true. While we wish to inspire others to explore their creative zones, doing this blog is a sure-fire tool for keeping us engaged in our creative pursuits. Although, I will confess: I've been in the midst of the most profound creative funk I've ever experienced. There are valid reasons for this. But I'm eager to get my mojo back. I feel like I'll have to start all over again! But that's not all bad. Sometimes it's good to go back to the basics in order to advance.

Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Cathy H. said...

Having a wonderful community of creative friends encourages me and keeps me inspired. There's no better community than this one right here in this space!

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