Friday, March 10, 2017

Focus on You!

Oh my! There are signs of Spring all throughout the gallery! Spring is my favorite season, all the spring pictures make me all warm and fuzzy inside!

This picture by Larraine Zungolo, is so bright and happy. Don't you just love the color of those daffodils! Don't you just want to take a stroll down that brick path!

I do! I do!

Thank you Larraine for sharing your picture with us!

Visit Larraine's gallery here.



Cathy H. said...

I'd definitely like to join you walking the path! Such pretty flowers and captured so beautifully!

terriporter said...

Nothing says spring like daffodils and this beautiful photo definitely pulls me in and makes me want to walk down that path!

Dotti said...

Well, it sounds as if we might just have a traffic jam on that path as I'm drawn in as well. What a lovely picture, Larraine!

Barbara Marincel said...

I love this, it's so bright and cheery, it just seems to embody the spirit of Spring! I'll see you ladies as we all stroll down the path towards the land of Spring:)

Liz said...

Lovely indeed!! I do love the blog header though... divine!

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