Thursday, April 6, 2017

Spring, Glorious Spring!

by Cathy

If spring has arrived in your part of the world I’m sure your delighted with the beauty of daffodils, crocus, tulips, azaleas, and budding trees. If you've not been taking many pictures during the dark and dreary days of winter, now is the time to dust of your camera and head outside. With so many spring blooms the possibilities are endless. You might be interested in landscapes or filling the frame with flowers or capturing intricate details. I find myself drawn to a different view; a more earthy view. I celebrate spring by capturing things that are not attention seekers.

I'm delighted when I find spring's first little critters. This little lady was trying very heard to hide between the prickles of the gumball, but she just couldn't do it. She was much too colorful. I'm surprised she wasn't sneezing with all the pollen on her back!

In the spring, I find my eyes are constantly on the ground. Searching for tiny bits of color among the greens of spring. 

 Of course, I do capture the showy flowers now and them. How can I resist?

One last photo, I had to share is of my wisteria bush. It must have loved the warmer winter we had, because it's branches are so full they're laying on the ground!

Whatever you chose to photograph as a way to celebrate spring, I hope you'll share with us in the Focusing On Life Flickr gallery. Oh, don't forget, we're adding a little word art this month.

"And Spring arose on the garden fair,
Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere,
And each flower and herb on earth’s dark breast
Rose from the dreams of its wintry rest."

~ Percy Bysshe Shelley,
“The Sensitive Plant”


Dotti said...

On this chilly, rainy day in Kentucky, your Arkansas spring photos are a delightful breath of fresh air! And I love the photo with your magic ball!We do have some spring blooms around here but, as it probably is there, the weather is warm one day and cool (and likely rainy!) the next. I'm holding my breath for our dogwood blooms which have just slightly begun to open. I'll have to remember to try my magic ball when my dogwood are in bloom. Thanks for the idea!

terriporter said...

So happy to see that, as the cactus are blooming here, your spring is bringing beauty to you there. I can't believe the pollen is so thick you can actually photograph it! Your wisteria bush is gorgeous and I love your shot with the glass ball! I need to get mine out and play. Our springs are a precursor to our hot summers so I am trying to enjoy every beautiful day of spring.

Sandra said...

Glorious signs of spring, Cathy. I love the unfurling fern and you're giving everyone the urge to use their crystal spheres for creative photography! So happy for you that spring has come your way so beautifully!

diane said...

It's pouring rain here fact, all week. But that's okay. I just know that when Spring does decide to make an will be worth the wait.
Such lovely lovely shots.
Thanks for sharing.
diane @ thoughts&shots

Carol said...


Liz said...

Those details are gorgeous!! It's Autumn here which I love as much as Spring!

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