Friday, May 12, 2017

Focus on You!

This delightful picture by SUA13photography immediately caught my eye in the gallery.

It is titled "Lunch on the Porch" and it makes me just want to pull up a chair and join in!

The leading lines in this picture draw my eye through the delicious morsels on the table right to the sweet pooch seated at the head of the table.

I love the simple use of color here, just white and blue, nothing to distract me from taking in this lovely scene!

Thank you so much for sharing this picture with us!

Please check out SUA13photography's gallery for more beautiful and inspiring pictures!


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Dotti said...

Is there another place? I'd love to join you. This is brilliant, so inviting, so comfy. Yes, let's do lunch!

Cathy H. said...

Delightful! I'd love to join the lunch party!

Sandra said...

What a lovely inviting scene. I love the blue and white too and that plate is gorgeous! Can I join you all?!

Carol said...

Great shot!

terriporter said...

You'd better set a table for 16 because we all want to join you!

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