Friday, June 2, 2017

Focus On You

Our month of leading lines has come to an end.  This theme can be challenging, but as usual, you accepted our challenge and gave us some phenomenal photos depicting leading lines.  

For our Focus On You today I chose two photos.  The leading lines in both make for powerful photos. 

The first photo is by Janice Johnson.  Not only does the gently curved walkway draw our eyes into the photo (and drew mine directly to the large white cross in the background), but the stripes on the flags on the left, point our way deep into the photo as well.  This is such a powerful image Janice, and a magnificent use of leading lines.  

The second photo I chose is by Larraine Zungolo.  There is so much going on here that make this photo a perfect example of leading lines.  The curves of the steps, and the lighter colored step edges, draw our eyes up into the photo, to the gentleman standing at the top, and to the columns (lines) of names on the monument.  Even the man's cane creates a subtle line pointing toward the names of the fallen.  Well done Larraine.  

Thank you to all of you who posted your beautiful photos in our flickr group this month.  It's now a new month, and a new theme.  This month use backlighting in your photos.  Click on the Monthly Theme tab at the top of the blog for more details.  


Sandra said...

Two beautiful examples of leading lines by Janice and Larraine!

Carol said...

Perfect examples and wonderful, moving photos!

Cathy H. said...

What a way to finish the month of leading lines! Both of these show how lines can be so effective in creating amazing photographs.

terriporter said...

Stellar examples of how to use leading lines to draw a viewer into your photo! Great choices!

Larraine said...

Thank you for including my photo of the Vietnam Memorial in Philadelphia. I love the flag one as well. It's beautiful. You and readers might be interested in knowing that the man in the photo is my husband. He uses a cane on long walks because of his arthritis. He is a Vietnam Veteran. When we went to the memorial, he was walking along looking for some of his classmates. He is a graduate of Father Judge High School, a Catholic high school for men in NE Philadelphia. It was and still is essentially a working class neighborhood although there are are a lot more college grads now then there were then. During the height of Vietnam, Father Judge had the second highest number of young men killed in the city. The school that exceeded that was a much larger public high school in North Philadelphia. Young men who didn't go to college were drafted and many of them never made it home.

Focusing on Life said...

Thank you for sharing the story behind your powerful image. God bless your husband and we thank him for his service.

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