Friday, June 9, 2017

Focus on You

Just look at this golden backlighting! How could I possibly resist sharing this stunning photo from our longtime friend, Leanne Strilchuk? It captures the beauty of summer light as well as the theme for June. Be sure to take a stroll through Leanne's Flickr stream.

Thank you, Leanne, for not only being a faithful reader but for sharing the beauty of your life and photography with us on Flickr and Instagram.

By the way, as of a few minutes ago, we have 17,869 photos in the Focusing on Life Flickr group! Thank you all for sharing with us through the years.


Cathy H. said...

This is stunning! Love all the rim light!

terriporter said...

I loved this as soon as I saw it in the Flickr group! That light is what summer is all about! And let me add my thanks to Leanne and everyone else who so graciously share there photos with us. Our Flickr gallery is one of the most beautiful places around!

Leanne Strilchuk said...

than you so much! I love your daily posts and yes- the best group around!!!!

Sandra said...

Gorgeous back-lighting and wonderful illuminated cut-out shapes! Such a pleasure to come here and admire the beauty of such captures!

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