Friday, June 16, 2017

FOY Back Lighting

Our theme for this month is backlighting....what could be more perfect than the image of this beautiful setting/rising sun throwing its rays of light into this lovely scene. I especially like that it is b&w which seems to enhance those radiant beams. This beautiful image was created by "hiddendoorfour" on flickr.  To see more of her lovely images click on the following link  Once again we thank you all for contributing to our flickr group, we so appreciate your interest and contributions.


Sandra said...

This is wonderful and particularly beautiful in black and white.

Dotti said...

The black and white conversion makes this so dramatic and compelling. Beautiful photo.

Cathy H. said...

Some images are beautiful, some are stunning, and some take my breath away. This image does all three!! Love, love, love the B&W!

Natalie DeLuca said...

Thank you everyone

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