Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In The "In Between Time"

Waiting and wishing for the snow to fall
To capture the beauty of it's purity within the frame
Snow has alluded us
We have been denied it's graceful beauty
Not to watch it fall and gently cover the earth with it's blanket of white
Instead leaving us with the remnants of earlier times
We are in the "in between time" not winter, not spring
Pinecones nestled deeply within the evergreens
Wrinkled berries clinging to naked branches
Cattails swaying with the winter winds
Empty benches sit waiting for Mothers to return to watch their children at play
We are suspended in the "in between time"

Do you ever feel like you are in the "in between time?"  Not knowing if you should begin anew or revert back to a more comfortable spot, comfortable in a time or a place that is familiar instead of moving ahead to the unfamiliar?  Perhaps you have had changes in your life, some planned, others not.  Maybe you have had all your children leave the nest, off to their new adventures, now what do you do with your added time?  Do you yearn for those earlier times or do you begin a new interest?  What if you lose your job?  Do you search for the same or do you look for something that you love?   You are outgrowing your little home, do you look for something bigger, maybe stretching your budget, or do you relish in the planning and look forward to the new spaces?   What if something happens to your life partner thru divorce, illness or death?  Do you wallow in the sadness or begin a new and different time in your life.  Sometimes I feel like the pinecone and want to nestle back into the comfort of the trees, or the single berry barely hanging on, however I usually feel like the empty bench looking forward to whatever sits beside me, ready for the new.

How do you confront those "in between times?"  Do you want the comfortable old or do you relish in all things new?  Share with us.  

"Why do we put off living the way we want to live, as if we have all the time in the world?"  ~  Barbara de Angelis


terriporter said...

As you can tell, Deanna, I jumped on the computer first thing, awaiting your post and I was rewarded. I love it! It is so "you" and I totally agree with the theme of it. Not too long ago I was dealing with the "empty nest" issues and still do to a degree. Photography has been a life saver for me, giving me something to focus on and to enjoy every day. Love your processing of your shots. This should be framed!

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Like your personal blog (www. I have been so looking forward to this post.

You are one of the most natural writers and each post teaches me something about my own life.

You are such an inspiration -- I would love it to live near you. When I need a pick me up I talk to you! You have described me to a tee (lol you know me) and I really have been smack in the middle of the questions you pose. All we can hope for is that confirmation down the serendipitous road that we made the correct choice.

And... your mosaic is SOOOO you :) perfect in every way!!

Hugs darlin


Karen Harvey Cox said...

Oh Deanna,
I couldn't wait for you to write your post, because I knew it would be something so wonderful. Ever since Claudia introduced me to you, I have been lost in your beautiful blog, your words, your gorgeous photography, and your style.

Those in-between times seem to become more familiar as I get older. I have become accepting of them. When I was young I used to think that it was rather like the white space in between the music in life. I fretted over them, sometimes losing hope that the new chapter would be just as good, no less sometimes better. Remarkably I learned, that the white space is as necessary in the fabric of our lives, as the music. I guess that is the one thing about getting older that I love...being familiar enough with the in-between times to know my Grandmother's wisdom, "this too shall pass," and just to rest while waiting for the music to begin again.

Thank you for your beautiful post.


Dotti said...

Like the others who have commented, I've been a faithful follower of your post since you started it. I've also been inspired by your photography throughout all the online classes and groups that we've shared. It was you who inspired me to dabble in textures! This storyboard is you at your best.

"Knowing" you has truly enriched my life. Your indomitable spirit encourages me daily. I've just turned a corner, as you know, but it was fully planned. As I retired from my long-time job, I knew photography would be my main focus. In fact, I guess it's fair to say my love of photography gave me the courage to take the step. It's only been a bit over a month, but I don't regret my decision at all.

And Deanna, I'm thrilled to be sharing this journey with you here at Focusing on Life! I've been eagerly awaiting your first post on our blog. Well done! :D

Linda said...

Great post and lovely images, Deanna!
I remember as a child, and as a young adult, always waiting for something new to happen. I was in a hurry to let go of the past. Now, I enjoy living in the in-between time. Knowing that new adventure awaits and reaching for it but also knowing that I have past comforts to fall back to. (weird.) :)

susan said...

Beautiful post Deanna and gorgeous images and processing. So many questions to ponder here. Life certainly throws curveballs when we least expect it. I think it's at those moments when we learn most about ourselves and what we are truly made of...during those 'in between times' that you talk about. To me, it's about using that time as self discovery. never know what you'll discover or what doors may open. Don't shy away from the in between times...stand strong and face the unknown. Everything happens for a reason. Everything.

AFishGirl said...

Ah Deanna, beautiful post, so very "you," which is danged wonderful to see/read. Great food for thought. I try to stop fighting and gnashing teeth at the "in between" times in my life and be more accepting of them. Transitions. Really, it's all about that. We're all always shifting and life is changing on subtle and less subtle levels for everyone, at least that's what I think. For me, I need more quiet in the "in between" times and I listen to this need and actively seek it out by building more solitude (fishing, the photography) into the time I can grab. I'm more selfish with my time than I was when younger. Thanks for making me think. I've loved reading your blog for a long time now, full of treasures.

Linda R said...

Such a beautiful post Deanna. And your storyboard above is beautiful.. Hummmmmm.. Now you got me thinking
How do I handle change?? Usually with Open arms.. But not always!!

Hugs, Linda

CarolcAlbers said...

Karen - Your comments are just as poetic as the post. Lovely to read.

CarolcAlbers said...

Beautiful poetry, Deanna, as well as a stunning collage. I enjoyed looking at your peaceful images, while thinking about your words.
I've never been much of a fan of change, but I do find that it gets easier as you get older, and you realize that it's a seminal part of life - nothing is permanent. Rather than mourning the past, I find it's just one more reason to live in the present and appreciate each precious moment.

janel said...

So many nuggets in your post. I sometimes yearn for the days when my children were little babies, and every thing was new and fresh.....but I am happy to have moved through the years and I try to look forward to what each day holds...and I just hope that I can focus on all the positive, new and fresh times that are upon me now. Thank you for your wisdom and your talent.

Deborah L. Tisch said...

I am smitten, flat out in love with this blog, ladies! It helps that I have "met" several of you in to find a group of excellent photographers who have collaborated on this is just so so cool!

Deanna, I love your post and photos, and the questions you put out there are though provoking. At this point in my life I'm trying just to simply be present, no matter if it is "in between" or right in the middle of life. Photography definitely helps me see the world and brings me back to the center.

Anonymous said...

Lovely collection of photos Deanna! I always admire your thoughtful texture work! How do I deal with change? not very well! I like my routine, my schedule, familiar things so when they change I revert back to a bit of a recluse. But since having children I have learned to deal better with change because time flies by so fast and they are growing up so quickly. I think that is why I'm so taken with photography. It helps me to capture those moments in time and help me to embrace the changes through the years.

stephmull said...

Oh, Deanna! What a wonderful mosaic of photos to go with your beautiful poetry and words. I wish I could say I embrace change with open arms and that during the in between times, I push ahead, but alas, I tend to try to hold tightly to the past. Thank you for challenging me to look at those in between time differently!

Tricia said...

Oh, this is so thought provoking. I think I long for the comfort of old, but with a little bit of the new in the hopes of keeping life fresh and interesting.

shirley said...

Great food for thought, wonderful quote and beautiful captures.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Lovely Deanna. Thank you for pointing me to this wonderful blog! :)

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Thought provoking Deanna. Can be difficult when the other important people in your life respond very differently to you when faced with these times.

Love the quote you chose too, I have written in down for future reference.

Michelle Renee said...

Wonderful post, Deanna! For me, I prefer the comfortable old...but I also look forward to all things new. I guess it's maybe a little of both. ---I'm now following this blog, too. :)

michmacl said...

definately the comfortable old for me! Out of my 4 children I only have 1 at home right now and have a lot more time for myself. As much as I love it I want to rewind - I want my crazy, busy, what direction am I supposed to be going in days back - they were all involved in activities and sports every day of the week. Things are much quieter now - I'm feel like I'm just in limbo trying to figure what I want to do now.... I love your storyboard Deanna!

Carol said...

I love your collage as well as your words...this post really spoke to me as I am hovering in-between-times. My oldest is departing this week in search of her first "life job" after graduating and I find myself reminiscing about one of my favorite jobs as a mom. I too, don't always like change but have found those changes through the years, the moves from one place to another always brought me to someplace new and exciting...a fresh start so to speak. Your collage looks like a quilt of simplicity beckoning you to reflect on life's gifts.

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