Tuesday, February 7, 2012

“Photography + Creativity = Living In The Moment”

One of the joys of photography is capturing life's little surprises in creative ways.  It's all about seizing that special and carefree moment...the "memories for the future" that don't want to go unnoticed.  The moments when you're camera beckons you to pick it up...a little bit of "carpe diem" being channeled through the camera lens. To me, that aspect of photography brings such joy.  Living in the moment and being lucky enough to capture it...a true high!

This shot was taken for my daughter and son-in-law to announce their "pregnancy" (so excited) on Facebook.  Truth be told, I'm quite drawn to the creative side of photography.  Whether it's picturing the shot or processing it in Photoshop, if it involves creativity, then it has my full attention and find myself completely living in-the-moment. (sigh)

So my friends...what is it about photography that gives you a feeling of living in-the-moment?  Do you swoon over creating, processing and camera gear?  Are you drawn to Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture?  Or is it the sisterhood/camaraderie of Flickr, Facebook and blogs?  How would you complete the equation below?

Photograph + (you fill in the blank) = Living In The Moment


CarolcAlbers said...

I saw your facebook announcement and I was so taken with this image! It's so original! But I also love your philosophy here. I've done alot of thinking about this, actually. So this is easy for me to fill in.
Photography + Peace = Living in the moment
When I am out looking for beauty to photograph, when I am solving a lighting problem and thinking as hard as I can about how to correctly take the shot, my mind is completely engaged and there is no room for worry about the future or the past or the trials of the present, for that matter. I am thoroughly within the moment, and my mind is at peace. (and BTW, I can't believe you just made me ENJOY an equation!}

terriporter said...

Oh, I love this photo so much! Loved it when I saw your Facebook announcement and love it even more here. Love the idea and love the processing. I agree with Carol. Photography is a way to "get out of your head" and forget all the worry in your life and just focus (pun intended!) on taking that shot. So I guess my equation would have to be "Photography + Time = Living in the Moment". When I have the time, I'm either shooting, processing,creating something or communicating with my photography friends online about the subject we all love. If only there were more TIME!

Kyndal said...

Susan, I love that shot so much. LIttle flip-flops!!! Who thinks of that...clearly you do! When I am shooting, I find the thing that draws me most to the experience of photography, is that I am looking for the story. Beyond that, it is about chasing and capturing light. I am still too new to the process and don't have the luxury of spending each day with my camera and post processing, so the other thing photography gives me is ME time.

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Susan -- What a divine!!! photo-- that will be long cherished.

I have to say that with all my craziness going on in my life I have not been able to get out with my camera nearly as much as I would like and honestly have missed this. To me its a comfortable spot... one that I need for my heart and mind to be completely happy. I love following light.

I am using this nudge to get out tomorrow on my day off and see what serendipitous magic I might find!


Karen Harvey Cox said...

This photograph is so wonderful. I love when a photograph tells a story, and this one needs no words. It perfectly expresses the joy of expecting a little one. I am sure that your daughter loved this one. I think that when my camera is by my side I go out each day, knowing that I can memorize a moment and take it home. Somehow photography lets us collect all the special moments and express them in our own signature.


Sam said...


What an excellent photograph. I think that I would say photography + emotions/feelings = living in the moment. In my 30+ years of photography, I have tried to use my photographs to convey my feelings at the moment I took the photograph. Be it happiness, excitement, awe or just storytelling, I think it is best when the photograph conveys a feeling...just as your photograph does.

Dotti said...

Wonderful photo, wonderful post, and best of all WONDERFUL NEWS! As I told you on FB, you're gonna love being a grandmother! Nothing makes my heart sing like my granddaughter. A close second is my photography because of all the reasons written by others. It relieves stress, it makes me happy, it gets me out of the frazzle of everyday life ... what's not to like about it?

Joddo said...

I agree with Terri, "Photography + Time = Living in the Moment". I love it when I have time to pick up my camera and focus on my thoughts and the pictures I see in my head instead of the cares and trials of everyday life. Those things are still there when I put my camera down but I am renewed and better able to face them.

Love that photo! Just think, next year the little one can stand in those shoes as you take the same shot again!

Deanna said...

First, congratulations, how wonderful that there will be a new life to celebrate, and 2nd omg I love your photo. It instantly tells us your story without any words necessary. It is hard to pick just one equation that would sum it up for me...I love every aspect of photography. The search, the shot, the processing, the sharing....all make up my equation. Wonderful post, Susan.

Linda said...

Susan, I am so happy for you! What fun you will have with the little one!
To answer your question, photography+exploring=living in the moment. I love to be outside exploring with my camera. It puts me in the moment and it also makes me ask questions and learn about what I'm focusing on!

Carol said...

Such a beautiful photo....and what a great way to announce a new life. For me Photography + Music = Living in the Moment because I am a visual and auditory person...those two aspects speak volumes to me.

susan said...

Thank you for sharing all of your 'equations' re: living in the moment! Adore reading all your responses. xo's!

stephmull said...

Susan - Congratulations!!! What a sweet, sweet photo! I agree with Karen....your photo needs no words. It completely stands on its own!
I love the creative side of photography too. Visualizing the shots and working until I get exactly what I was creating in my head!

wendy said...

Great Picture.

AFishGirl said...

Such a joyful shot, rife with expectations (no pun!). "Photography + nature = living in the moment." Great post.

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