Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I'm sure you will agree with me when I say that photography keeps us connected.  I am connected with amazing, talented people all around the world that I would not have known about if it wasn't for photography.  Connected with people who are on the same quest for the perfect light.  They are my constant companions in this journey even though most of them I have never met in person.  The women who share this blog have come together as a result of our shared joy in photography.  We are all kindred spirits as we move along through our day capturing what we see and sharing it with others.

I was so lucky to have met two of these amazing Focusing on Life ladies, Stephanie Mull and Terri Porter, last weekend.  We spent hours together at The Dallas Arboretum talking about depth of field, aperture, back button focusing, macro lenses, etc....just sharing our joy with each other.  It was a fun and enjoyable day that I will not soon forget!  I hope one day that I can meet all the wonderful people who are my travel buddies on this photography journey.

Our first official photo together, from where we stand.

There was a lot of this.

And a lot of this.  It was so refreshing being with people who didn't even bat an eye when you pull your camera out to take a photo at the lunch table. 

Staying connected to family, to friends, to yourself is always a challenge in these busy times.  How do you stay connected?  We would love to see photos that show that connection for you.


Dotti said...

You are so right, Leigh! Never in a hundred years did I dream that I'd be so engaged in online groups like this. Yet everyone of my online photography pals is very real to me. Like you, I'm excited for the day when I finally get to meet some of you in "real" life. What joy that will be! One of the reasons we connect is that we "get" what it means to be passionate about photography so what may seem strange behavior to non-photogs is perfectly our passion. Birds of a feather, or something like that.


Carol said...

A non photography friend had recently seen my phyotographs on facebook. She said to me, " so what do you guys do, just stand around withyour cameras?" I replied "Oh no - it's much worse than that - cameras, bags tripods discussions in huddles - we're a sight to behold!" The rest of the world may think we're crazy, but it sure is fun!

Barbara said...

I love that Carol, made me smile and that is why I love all my internet friends I have and are about to meet one day throught this thing called internet. It is the love of Photography that has brought about so many friends while I am having my cup of coffee each morning. Along with some beautiful images to just dream the day about in capturing. I live through a lot of my new found friends. Because of this I would have not met a new friend that just lives 30 min. from me her name is Terri and so looking forward to meeting others at Oasis in Oct.

C'est moi Claudette said...

Leigh what a great way to meet friends. I know for me it was love at first sight when I met 8 blogging buddies in the States on my 54th birthday adventure. You are right, if it wasn't for photography where would we be? My audience lives through me in my pictures and my stories that go with those pictures. I never really thought of myself as a photographer, but I guess we all see something with a different eye, even if mine is a little out of focus : )
Have a great Wednesday.
Love Claudie

terriporter said...

Oh, Leigh, you put it so perfectly! Loved seeing these photos of us together and remembering how amazing it was to be able to meet two of my favorite people and share in person our passion for photography. Yes, the rest of the world may think we're crazy but we all understand how amazing it is (and how essential) to connect with other people who have the same passion. Connected . . . yes, we definitely are!

terriporter said...
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Deanna said...

What a great post, brings back fond memories of my meet-up with Terri & Barbara in Arizona. We are already kindred spirits prior to even meeting in person by our very passionate feelings for photography and all it encompasses. Hurrah for the internet, hurrah for blogging buddies, hurrah for meet-ups.

Deanna said...

And PS, I love whoever shoes those are in your feet photo, my friend Marti has a pair, and I would love to steal them but her foot is quite a bit larger than mine.

Carol said...

Ditto - the shoes - I had the same thought!

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

I am always amazed at the connection we have with our on line friends. Even though we dont know even what our blinking eyes look like, we know one another's heart. This looks so fun and I am so happy for you all!!

Thanks for letting us live your fun-- great shots!


stephmull said...

Oh, I am so glad you blogged about this! It was a wonderful day, wasn't it? Being able to connect with you and Terri was just what my heart needed! It makes me so excited for Oasis!! Love that shot of our shoes....I need to find myself a pair of those keene's!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that you are referring to the ones in the middle. Those are mine...they are Keens and I love them! Saw Becky Sue wearing them in a photo and just had to have them.

figuring things out said...

I had to come back and revisit this post. As the ladies of the blog have probably already heard, I got to spend an entire week with my photography buddies including your very own Carol and last weeks guest Terri. Our group was five strong! Five women who came together over our love of photography, we first met while we were registered for one of Tracey Clark's Picture classes...and while we are mostly local (east coast) we had our newest family member join us from California. It was an amazing week and I would recommend it for anyone reading this that you make an effort to meet someone/anyone in this group for an afternoon/day shoot or longer.

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