Thursday, April 19, 2012

Getting Grounded

Back in the day, I did not get "grounded". I got "sent to my room".  Once I became a parent, when the kids were little, there was "time-out".  Then as the kids got older they got "grounded".

I always felt it was more of a punishment for me than it was for them.  I often wondered if it taught them anything, especially since at the end of their "groundation" they would tell me that they were glad I "grounded" them because they got so much done!

But "getting grounded" has taken on a whole new meaning for me.  I am now referring to my camera. And, no, I do not take away privileges or confine it to it's camera bag.

I put it on the ground and press the shutter button.

It's a blind shot.  I do not crawl on my belly and look through the viewfinder. (I may or may not have done that before)

It's all about perspective.  Sometimes as I wander aimlessly stroll down a path, I'll be looking up and sideways, every which way, always looking for something new or unusual and I will take some pictures of what I see.  Then suddenly it will dawn on me to put the camera on the ground and see what it looks like down there.

It's another kind of surprise party for me.  The view from ground level is sometimes surprisingly beautiful.

And I don't have to crawl around on my belly all the time!

It is one of my favorite things!

Give it a try sometime.  It's fun!

Keep adding your "favorite things" to the gallery! You're knocking our socks off!

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."  ~Marcel Proust




Barbara said...

I really liked your quote with this Linda, perfect and it is wise. I know I forget to look down, I remember my Mom would always do that when she was walking and found so many treasures, money especially was what she found most. But really looking through your lens in a different perspecptive is always fun. Thanks for the reminder.

Nancy said...

What a wonderful suggestion......ground level perspective....I will definitely be trying this.....

Dotti said...

I love your bubble, Linda! I'm a sucker for bubble pictures. But, yes, this simple little exercise is loads of fun.It can be frustrating but if you stick with it, chances are you'll get a nice surprise before you're finished. I have visions of the FOL family, each of us in our various locations, out there on the ground with our cameras! ... laughing ...

terriporter said...

Love your wonderful bubble photo! I like shooting from different perspectives too, especially unexpected ones, but I have to say I haven't tried just setting my camera down on the ground and pushing the shutter button. You can bet I'm going to be trying this!

Anonymous said...

Such fun shots Linda and you know I'm a sucker for a cool reflection shot!

C'est moi Claudette said...

I was grounded wayyyy too many times, lol. But I like your grounded better. I used to have a Polaroid camera, then one of those tiny little camara's that would tuck into the top pocket of your jean jacket. I wish I still had all the pics I took with those. My mom never kept anything, so everything went into the garbage I suppose. Where am I going with this??? Oh the word grounded. Love the way you think. You're very much like my photographer friend Julie, she's always thinking out of the box. That's what makes her so special.
Great bubble and pine cone pics.
Happy Thursday Linda

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

I'm like you. I always felt I was the punished one when my kids were grounded. So sometimes I would offer to. Go to MY room.

I love both of these shots. Great suggestion

Hugs Claudia

Deanna said...

Oh my daughter was the "grounded one" She and her Dad butted heads thus resulting in the "grounded". He was King, but she thought she was Queen. I love this idea of placing your camera on the ground. I am not real good at getting down on my stomach, oops, should have said not real good about getting up from my stomach. Will definitely try this "grounding". Thanks!!

stephmull said...

I LOVE shooting from this perspective and I especially love your two shots! Sometimes I really do lay down on my stomach to get the shot, but other times I just set the camera down and click. It's so fun to see what you get!

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