Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cups and Mugs....Go Figure

We have all had a good time this month sharing some of our "favorite things" and it is my turn once more to share another favorite of mine.  I could probably continue this theme for a whole year and always be able to share another and another and another favorite thing.  It doesn't take much for me to find a "new favorite".  But today my focus is on cups and mugs.  I do not know what it is about this captivation I have with pretty, yes, they must be pretty, at least in my eyes, with cups and mugs. For several years I was co-chairman for our Mother-Daughter Tea, a huge spring event at our church.  Included in the price of the ticket was a cup & saucer as a remembrance of the day.  I can still enter the homes of friends and see their collections from those events.

Also adding to this already growing collection of tea cups is the Christmas House Walk held each year that also presents each ticket holder with a cup & saucer.

As admitted earlier, I continue to have this enchantment with cups and mugs eventho the cupboards, china cabinet and spots for displaying these lovelies is loaded to capacity, somehow I still manage to add more and more to this fascination addiction.  Every time I enter a shop this urge to find another beauty overcomes my awareness of overstuffed cabinets.  A couple of weeks ago I added these 2, one from Home Goods (a continual plethora of beauties seem to always appear on their shelves).....

And one from Marshall's.  Paying for this one, and yes, I only bought one, the cashier said,
"Only one, don't you have any friends?"
She made me laugh, if only she could see that I don't have just one, but a bevy of beautiful drinking vessels.

While on vacation last week in Galveston, TX, you guessed it, the only thing I purchased was this sweet new addition.  My sister-in-law was headed to the grocery store, my brother was off to the the hardware store and positioned right before my eyes was a Tuesday Morning.  It called to me and this little $3.99 sweetheart came home with me wrapped carefully and positioned safely in my suitcase arriving in one piece from Texas to join other "favorites".

Now, you must tell me, do you have favorite little collections that captivate and charm you?  Please share and take a picture and post on our flickr page.  Entitle it or tag it "favorite things" to possibly be featured on our blog.

"Do you know how helpless you feel holding a full cup of coffee and you start to sneeze?"  ~  Jean Kerr


Anonymous said...

Lovely collection Deanna and I especially love the last one with the little bee! I have a thing for coffee mugs....the more unusual and the funnier the better so I totally understand your :)

AFishGirl said...

Beautiful, Deanna. I really wanna use the bee cup. I'll wait in line. Leigh can go first. I'm second...

stephmull said...

OK, so now there's a line to use the bee, I should have checked this out earlier!!!
I would love to come and visit and see your entire collection! The ones you showed us here are just lovely! Wouldn't it be fun for all of us to have some tea or coffee together!

Barbara said...

I really like the yellow cup and it looks like others also like it. Good find. Your quote at the bottom made me smile.

Dotti said...

I had to laugh, my friend, when I read your post. Just yesterday, I indulged this same passion for mugs and acquired another one for myself ... which I need like a hole in the head. But it was too cute to leave behind. I shall post it on our FOL Flickr page after a bit. I love each and every one of these so I won't wait in line, I'll just chose another when you have us all over for tea. My mother also has an extensive collection of very elegant teacups which she'd like me to have but where on earth I would put them, I don't know. Since I'm at the "less is more" stage, I think I'll select a few favorites. Surely I can find a home for those.

... smiling ...

Carol said...

I will get along just fine with you, because I have a pitcher collection!
Cute prompt - I will be posting....

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

I collected tea cups years ago -- and one day as I was dusting the million-th (ok.. or so it seemed) I thought I needed to simplify.

I sold all of them to a very darling young girl who wanted to start her very own collection just like her grandmother. I knew they would be loved.

None the less -- it does not change my adoration of your addiction as well.

The thing that I love about your collection is that you share them with us so beautifully.


Nancy Claeys said...

My mother has quite a collection of English tea cups -- all have roses on them, I believe. I'm too much of a klutz to collect anything so fragile! Love that little yellow bee cup. So cute.

C'est moi Claudette said...

Hi Deanna
I have nice big Starbucks mugs but my favorite is my pink one. I have a small pink cottage, and not very much space, but I guess you can say I collect vintage lamp and puppy planters. They say it's a collection when you have 3 or more. Guilty!! Love tour sweet cups and mugs. Lovely pics of your favorite things.
Love Claudette

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