Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sky Candy

Trophy husband and I took a much needed weekend away last fall. We headed to the beach. By fall, all the summer crowd had returned to wherever they came from. We only had to deal with the snow-birds who were settled in and not bothering anybody.

The temperature was warm, the beaches were practically empty and clean.

I knew I wanted to take early morning walks along the beach and planned to catch the sunrise. I checked on the expected sunrise time before heading to bed to be sure I wouldn't miss it. Darn if I didn't oversleep just a bit!

I peeked out the window and saw what I knew was going to be a spectacular sight.

We hurried down the boardwalk to the beach, I had a camera around my neck and my phone in my hand while my eyes were glued to the scene unfolding before me.

As we walked along, the sky brightened and the colors changed from dark blues and deep pinks to bright oranges then brilliant golden yellows.  Every step was more amazing than the last!

I was greedily snapping as I walked, appreciating the fact that my husband was watching out for me and holding whatever camera was not in use.  He was enjoying the show almost as much as I was.

There were people on the beach that morning and I wondered if they were as awe struck as I was by the beauty that Mother Nature was providing us.  I didn't hear any ooh-ing or aaw-ing as I passed, nor did I see any other cameras.

That's when I knew that this show was for us.

Just us.

You see, Mother Nature knew that this was an important day for us.  She knew we would be walking here and she made sure to help us start our day off with a glorious sunrise.

It was important to us because 35 years ago on that day, 2 very young and ambitious kids, stood toe to toe with trembling knees, in front of God and their families, gripped each others sweaty hands, looked into each others tear-filled eyes and told each other with soft, quivering voices that from that day forward, they would love, honor and cherish each other, till death do us part.

Now when I look at these sunrise pictures, I am filled with memories and thankfulness.  It was more than just another sunrise that day.

I wonder if anyone else even saw it.

Since it is May 1st, it is time for a new In Focus theme and I have the honor of announcing it!

Are you ready!

Our In Focus theme for May is- "the sky's the limit!"

Sky filled, sky reflected or however you choose to show us your sky!  Do you love clouds?  Do you love those shots of birds on a wire? Have you ever wished on a star?  Have you found the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?  Does the night sky send you over the moon?  Have you seen some beautiful blue peeking through a lovely tree or some pretty flowers?  Do you love "the blue hour"?  Are you a fanatic about flare?

Oh, we can't wait to see your sky candy!

Be sure to tag your shots in the gallery! Tell us a story about it too!

And if you are on Instagram tag them with #myskyshot.

"The sky is the daily bread of the eyes."
- R. W. Emerson



Carol said...

Lovely post and wonderful idea for MFT going forward! Tis brought tears to my eyes - I'm surprised you even saw the sunset when you have eyes only for each other! Happy anniversary (belated) and continued love in your life!

Carol said...

Lovely post and wonderful idea for MFT going forward! Tis brought tears to my eyes - I'm surprised you even saw the sunset when you have eyes only for each other! Happy anniversary (belated) and continued love in your life!

Barbara said...

Such a beautiful post Linda, your sunrise images are full of glory. Happy Anniversary

Dotti said...

Lovely post, lovely photos, lovely all the way around! What I noticed, though, was that nobody else seemed to be noticing what the two of you did: The beauty of nature all around them. And, another thought: Photography has not only opened our eyes to the beauty around us but the eyes of our families as well! Wishes for another 35 years together!


terriporter said...

Gorgeous sunrises and wonderful post! I am like Dotti, wondering how people can be oblivious to all that beauty around them and am grateful to photography for helping me to really "see". Hope you had a wonderful anniversary and have many more in your future.

terriporter said...

And I love your idea for this month's theme! Got to get busy shooting some sky candy!

Cathy H. said...

Linda, these are stunning images! Such a special way to capture special memories!! I love this theme!! I can't wait to see all the beautiful sky shots!!

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Beauty in nature- wonderfully captured.

Happy happy Anniversary.


stephmull said...

Wonderful sky candy!! And happy anniversary to you too! I agree with Cathy....can't wait to see all the great sky shots this month!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to take some sky photos to share you with my IG buddy! These are just gorgeous shots Linda and happy anniversary to you! what a special time for the two of you.

C'est moi Claudette said...

Hi Linda. It was our 24th on May 1st too. Beautiful sunsets just for the two of you. I have these fabulous sun sets on our river every night. Everyone of them are different. You captured a very special moment.
Happy Anniversary.

Christine said...

I'm also surprised that mother nature's glorious shows do not get the ooh & aawhs and clapping that a fireworks show gets when I'm on the water with strangers. When I'm by myself I'm quietly drinking it in, when I'm with my husband he laughs at my ooh & aawhs and clapping, you've inspired me to show my appreciation next time I'm alone :)

Congrats on so many years of love, I can feel it <3

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