Friday, September 6, 2013

Things That Make You Smile

by Deanna

Since life for me has not been full of smiles as of post today is all about some of the things that, regardless of life around you make us smile and we definitely need smiles in our daily lives...

Free upgrades...Here, have a better room at this hotel, have a better rental car.  Let's move you up to first class on your flight.  Oh. No charge...SMILE

Random stuff woven into a bird's nest...clipped hair from the sidewalk in front of the barber shop, strips of thread, old shoelaces...birds will make anything work.  And remember, they do this all with just their beaks and little feet....SMILE

Finding a really cool pair of shoes, on sale, and the last available pair is in your size...SMILE

Having a favorite pen.  Everyone has a specific preference when it comes to writing utensils and most of us have that one particular pen that we love and that fits nicely in our hands and also manages to make our handwriting look better....SMILE

Red geraniums blooming on the front porch always makes me SMILE

The seat next to you on the airplane is empty and stays empty....SMILE

Putting on warm clothes right from the dryer....SMILE

Watching a bee gulping the sweetness from the last of the summer flowers....SMILE

Eating fruits or veggies right from the vine.  Sometimes it's easy to forget that berries or tomatoes don't come into the world in plastic boxes and don't have those little oval stickers on them.  Getting fruit or veggies right from the source is a very simple pleasure that not enough of us get to enjoy....SMILE.

When you are walking toward someone and you each move in the same direction to get out of each other's way.  Extra smile if one of you takes the cheesy route and asks, "Shall we dance?"...SMILE

The color yellow.  It’s supposed to be the happiest color.  Lemons, bananas, sunflowers, um…pee.   Whatever.  When you see it, SMILE.

The jiggly, inflatable stick man at car dealerships.  How this helps to gain customers and sell cars is unknown, but it is ridiculous and random and silly...SMILE

When dealing with a customer service rep on the phone, asking where they are and then discussing the weather in your different locations.  It’s a real person…SMILE.

And puppies....SMILE

You are smiling now....right??  I guarantee there is something, however insignificant, that will make you smile...look around and share with us....SMILE


Nicki said...

The sound of a child's laughter - you don't even have to see the kid, just the sound of the belly laugh has me smiling every time.

Dotti said...

I am smiling a *BIG SMILE* just thinking about you *SMILING*. Remember that old song, 'Let a smile be your umbrella'? We should take that umbrella with us each day ... not to ward off rain but to help us keep ourselves from melting when life gets tough.

heyjudephotography said...

Oh yes, I'm smiling thinking about you smiling as your wrote this. :) Like Niki said, a baby's laugh! Oh my yes! That jiggly,inflatable man had me laughing right out loud. My older son has been tickled by them since he was a little boy. And still every time we drive by one of them he does the jiggly inflatable man dance in the car - and he's now 22! And the puppy... oh my, that really made me smile. Great way to start the day, smiling. Thanks Deanna.

kelly said...

well now i'm smiling too. :)

AFishGirl said...

Yes! I'm smiling! So happy you are smiling too!

terriporter said...

Well, anybody who's not smiling after this post just doesn't know how! Each and every shot and description here made me smile! Watching my 21-month-old granddaughter discover the beach and her obvious delight are making me smile right now!

CarolHart said...

Well, your posts always makes me smile!

Viv Halliwell said...

I'm smiling now !! Have a great weekend

Cathy said...

My husband and I were just talking about those men at car dealerships, wondering if they work. Great post! I am smiling and so happy you are too!

Sarah Huizenga said...

Thanks for the smile today!

Cathy H. said...

You had me smiling from the very first! Wonderful spirit lifting post!

kybarb said...

Love all of your images but the dog got my biggest smile! I have thought before that I should make a scrapbook of things that make me smile and you have inspired me! As you do always. Hugs!

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